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2019 Year-end Review

It’s this time again wherein we have to say goodbye to this year and welcome another year. And before the new year 2020 comes, I just wanna share my 2019 internet and video marketing. By the way, I first planned to do this in a video, but we’re still in a vacation mode and my daughter is […]

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WHY I Started Dropshipping…

Okay, I supposed to create a personal video and talk about this but I spent most of my time adding products to my brand new store called Brewed Wonders. In case you love coffee like I do, you might wanna check​​ it out…So back to the question, why did I decide to start dropshipping when I’m […]

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Our frustration on PLDT customer service…

I’m posting this article in a net shop because so far, we still don’t have connection at home…So here’s the story… After having PLDT fiber last year, we’re so happy to finally have a fast internet connection. That was after a long wait actually. As an internet marketer working at home, this is a great relief from […]

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UpVid – Your One Stop Shop for Video Stocks & Templates

There has been requests for additional stocks and templates from you guys and this is now my answer. Also, I wanted to put all my template clubs in a single place and just maintain one members area. That’s why I revived UpVid, and have long term plans for it. As my previous customers and subscribers, I always wanted […]

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My 2018 – The GOOD the BAD, the UGLY…

2019 is around the corner and it’s about time to evaluate 2018. You can do this as well but let me just share mine first. And I’ll gonna do this in an HONEST, REAL, and PERSONAL way. I know a lot of folks out there who wanna hype all things out by just showing the great things […]

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Youtube Channel Mastery Review

This is a training by Adam Payne, one of my few trusted guys in the IM world and also my Youtube mentor. Things are changing each and every time in Youtube and if you wanna update yourself with what’s working, this is something you wanna check out. However, this is NOT a training that shows ninja tricks […]

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AnimationStudio Review

AnimationStudio is a new app that you can use to create flat animated videos, even if you’re not a professional animator. It works like Powtoon and GoAnimated, without the hefty monthly fee. But is it something you can consider? Watch my full review to learn more… CHECKOUT ANIMATIONSTUDIO! Get AnimationStudio from this Page and Have the Following EXCLUSIVE […]

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Get MORE Clients… GROW Your Video Agency

It’s exciting to start as a freelancer or an agency, providing video creation services. You probably got your tools and portfolio ready and all that. But the next struggle is on how to get clients who will hire you and checkout your services. Well, as someone who’s been doing this for quite some time, let me give you […]

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How to Design Attention Grabbing Web Pages

If your landing pages are not converting well, it might be because it’s somewhat boring and people are leaving right away. And remember that there are gazillion landing pages out there so you have to make yours stand out. You also have to make a way to grab the attention of your visitors right away. How? By creating […]

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Video Personalization – Here’s How It’s Done…

Personalization was just used in email marketing but it’s now available in video as well. I think I first saw this 2 years ago but it was still in it’s early stage at that time so it was not used well. But today, with the advancement of technology, things were improved… Here’s how my short and sweet video […]

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