I was called UNGRATEFUL then they BANNED me… 

 February 8, 2021

By  cham

"As much as we have helped Cham -- bent over backwards to SAVE not one but SEVERAL OF HIS LAUNCHES -- AND HE DOES THIS!!!

_____ - please BAN Cham from ALL future launches - and you can remove him now from this one.

I have marked him BANNED on our spreadsheet.


- They said a lot more but let's just cut it there...

So why did I get banned and called ungrateful?

Yes, it's true that this team helped me a lot before, specially in my early product launches.

I was always thankful to that and that's why I always give them 75% commission instead of the normal 50% (yes they do get more cut whenever they refer a sale to me).

But I was called ungrateful and got banned because I did an HONEST review of the app they just released, and did not recommend it because there's a lot of problems with it.

Well, I could have just hid those problems and mentioned that the app is awesome, simply because they helped me a lot in my previous launches, right?

Yes, I could have, like what every body else did, and that could have made me some money as well.

But I chose to tell the truth and I thought I did it in a nice way, telling that I honestly wanted the app to work because I like the idea.

Unfortunately, it just doesn't work and it is what it is - they just can't accept my honest review and called me ungrateful, instead of looking into the problems I mentioned and fix their app.

And yeah, NO ONE in their team thought "how about let's check on those problems Cham mentioned in his review."

No, ALL OF THEM agreed to just call me ungrateful and ban me instead - maybe because that's the easier thing to do.

Maybe a blessing in disguise...

It doesn't feel good to get banned and called ungrateful but maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

I think it's about time to focus more on my own products and just work with very few trusted affiliates.

Because honestly, I'm tired of having to compromise and meet the demands of those affiliates and who just give me so much stress.

I'm also tired of doing the "JVZoo and W+ way" so I'll now focus on doing the new social media and video ad strategies I just learned.

Of course, there are still a few good JVZoo products out there and I'll still review and recommend a few of them if I find them useful.

But yeah, it's about time to focus more my attention with my own stuff, without having to rely so much on those traditional affiliates.

A backstory...

They might tell you how bad what I did after all the things they did to help me in the past, so let me tell the backstory myself, before they just use it for their advantage, and hide the fact that my review of their app is true...

After my successful very first launch with a partner, I decided to start going solo, and in my first version of Motion Ads, this team helped me a lot and so I gave them 75% commission and gave in to all their demands.

Man, that was my most stressful launch ever that I almost wanted to give up!

But yeah, I'm thankful for all their help during that time.

And they won the first prize of $2000 in the launch contest, which I held, and decided to create an app that we will both launch instead - thanks to the suggestion of a useless partner at that time, who did nothing but to just to get a cut from my launch.

Unfortunately, after paying a lot of money to the developer we hired, the app was never finished.

I admit this can be something I owe to them, but if I am to compute the extra 25% commission added to all their sales, I'm sure it's more than enough.

Plus, I believe prize is just a bonus and a commission should be good enough, specially if the commission is more than the normal.

And there was a time when they helped me in my other launch Vidtasia, my Paypal had a problem and we had to use theirs, and there was a $400 there that I did not ask to get because I was thinking of that prize money I owed.

So technically, if let's say I owe them $1600, if we compute all the extra 25% commission from all their sales, I'm sure its more than covered.

They might also mention my first launch of Vidtasia, that yeah, my membership platform didn't work, and I can't deny all the help they offered during that time.

Again, I'm always grateful to all those things and I always said "thank you" for all their help.

That was 5 years ago, when I was a total newbie in launching, and they helped me a lot, but of course, they also made a lot of money from those launches.

So yeah, I can say they also got "paid" for all their help.

I learned a lot in my next launches and I was doing good by myself already, and I was able to launch products successfully, without their help anymore.

Of course, from to time, they still came to promote my product, which again, I'm thankful.

And because they were used to helping me in my launches, they usually ask me to change things here and there, and even if I don't like their idea, I have to compromise.

In my last launch, which was the Motion Ads Reloaded, I again had to give them 75% commission, even if there's no longer reason for me to do that - I was able to set things up properly by myself and they should have just promoted it as an affiliate at 50% commission like everyone else.

It's a call

Well, in a way, I'm also thankful that this happened.

I think it's a call for me to focus more on creating quality products that really solve marketers problems in video marketing.

I've always wanted to apply the higher level stuff I learned from James Wedmore's Business by Design but I'm always distracted by these other things, so it's about time to let go most of them.

Okay, this is getting too long already so let's end it here.

Thanks a lot for taking your time to read up to here.


Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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  1. It is hard to find really honest people. Most of them are just after the commission checks even if the offer a shitty program. I am proud of you that you don't let yourself influenced by their primitive reaction. Keep on going in the same direction. Another colleague of yours calls them >turd wrappers<

  2. The insults in today's digital world are nothing new. But when you honestly rate a product and the result is negative, you are insulted and discredited.
    Some products are just not worth the money that has to be paid for them. Buyers are used as beta testers, which is basically not bad, but then you should also say that honestly, so sums are spent and the customer is annoyed and believes you (so you) no longer and you lose customers.
    I can only support you in that I read your reviews and buy your products when I need them.
    Thank you for the honest product review.


  3. Cham thanks for your honest review, we need more people like you.. also I will not buy any of their products ever again. Let them block me too. Too many times I have bought products that are just not working as they should. And these sellers get away with it. I will not call out names, but they know who they are. And just so you know we will keep buying your products because they are great.

    1. Ah, an open source video editing editing software. Yeah, worth checking and thanks for sharing. I still personally prefer to recommend Filmora X for more features but how's your experience using that software?

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