ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +) 

 June 13, 2023

By  cham

Ah, can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I did anything for online stuff.

So yeah, a lot of things happened and I actually thought of just quitting everything I usually do online and just focus on my current job that provides well for my family.

But while having some downtime at work, I decided to open my website and Youtube channel.

I gotta be honest – I miss doing these things.

But should I come back and just do the exact things I’ve been doing before?

After doing some research and considered a lot, I decided to focus on a specific niche this time around – content creation for online course creators and coaches.

Yes I’m a professional video editor and I’m good with video stuff but I know I have more things I can bring to the table.

Besides, teaching is my main passion so I’ll rather stay in this niche.

Of course, I will still talk about video creation but it’s now inclined with creating content that attracts audience for courses and coaching programs.

So if you’re not into this niche, I understand if you have to leave.

But if you’re teaching and coaching (or planning to), well, I have an exciting series coming up for ya!

Instead of just creating a course on how to do this and that (like what everyone else is doing), I’ll create a vlog series and document all the steps I’ll take to create my own program.

Here, I’ll be totally transparent on everything I’ll do and show if things will fail or succeed.

This is also a test whether those tips and tricks from gurus will actually work in the real world.

I wanna start this challenge as soon as possible so don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel because I’ll post the vlog series there…

Subscribe to my YT channel!

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Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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