Cham Altatis is a video and internet marketer. He is helping small business owners around the world to promote their products and services through videos.

Before internet marketing, he learned video production from college and worked as a video editor in a TV station. He's also been offering video coverage services for weddings and events locally. 

After learning internet marketing, he started offering video creation services to small business owners online as well. He also worked as both video editor and designer for a couple of marketers online.

Because of his passion in teaching, Cham also entered the world of online courses. His first course on video creation for marketers that he released with a well-known partner was really successful. Since then, he decided to focus more on teaching his skill in video creation while helping marketers grow their business through videos.

Beyond business, Cham is happily married with a beautiful wife and they now have a cute little daughter. He is also actively serving with his brothers and sisters in the church.