April 16

Entrepreneurs are Smart Action Takers


Entrepreneurs are Smart Action Takers

It’s what we do to get results, create change, and improve people’s lives.

By taking action, we will learn from experience and fully understand what works for our business. 

And instead of just hustling and working hard, we will work smart by doing only the steps that can bring results.

But the school system trained us to learn a lot of theories with almost no application.

We were taught to memorize a lot of things in our head and when we get a high score during exams, we are called smart.

No wonder we see a lot of smart people fail in business.

They are crippled by analysis-paralysis and end up not doing anything. 

Then there’s this other extreme, which is just working hard and doing a lot, thinking that the more they do something, the more results they will get.

So even if they did something that already failed, they will keep doing it thinking that they will get different results soon, just because they are hustling and determined. 

How much easier and better our society would be if everyone takes action and knows how to work smart?

People will not just have a lot of theories but more applications that give results.

And if they work smart instead of just working hard, they will focus only on things that give results and stop hustling on useless things.

It’s my mission to encourage entrepreneurs to take smart actions. We will do it using the power of videos and social media so we can thrive during these challenging times. 

So join our video revolution community and let’s take smart actions together!


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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