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Clipman Revisited

I’m supposed to make my very first vlog for 2020 in today’s post but things changed along the way. I’m going over this FB ad challenge, and I’m spending a lot of time into it so the vlog didn’t happen. Actually, I could have done a video about long vs. short videos in 2020, then insert Clipman […]

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[Ep. 54] Reaction to VidScratch

You’re familiar with reaction videos on Youtube, right? Let’s apply that as well in video marketing. In today’s episode, I reacted to VidScratch, a brand new video gamification technology, which adds some fun to lead generation… Here’s the complete demo of VidScratch… Here’s an example of a card game made from VidScratch… CHECKOUT VIDSCRATCHI! Grab to VidScratch […]

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