April 29

ConnectVideo – Automated FB Video Ad


Here’s a bold prediction:

In the coming months, more and more Facebook experts will talk about and create courses around “video engagement” audiences.

As pixel-based audiences almost became obsolete with the iOS 14.5 update, they’ll declare “video engagement” audiences as the next best thing since sliced bread.

But here’s something they won’t tell you:

Video engagement audiences were around for a long time.

Some advertisers have been using them creatively to boost their profits, but this audience type never took off.

Here’s why:

While video engagement audiences have certain advantages, they’re flawed by design.

Let me give you the top 3 pitfalls:

  • It’s a slow and cumbersome process: It takes 15+ steps and 100s of clicks to create only one video engagement audience.t
  • The audience doesn’t auto-populate: When you add new videos to your Facebook or Instagram business pages or when you do livestreams, these videos don’t get added to your existing video engagement audience.
  • The audience size is small: Because you need to select each video manually, when you select the last 10-20 videos you end up with a smaller audience.

For those reasons, video engagement audiences never got the full attention of many Facebook advertisers.

But this is about to change with Wilco de Kreij’s revolutionary tool, ConnectVideo…

ConnectVideo introduces “Super Video Audiences” to the marketing world…

As the name implies, this *new* audience type is superior to both pixel-based retargeting audiences and the video engagement explains.

Here’s why:

  • It’s easy and fast: In just 2 steps, you can create a powerful and versatile Super Video Audience.
  • Super Video Audiences are dynamic by nature: Every new video you’ll be adding to your Facebook and Instagram business pages (and every new video ad that you run) in the future can be automatically added and auto-populated.
  • Create bigger audiences: Because you can select up to 500 existing videos automatically, and reap all the benefits of having a bigger and more targeted audience.

Sounds intriguing?

If so, then click here to discover all about Super Video Audiences…

…and see why it’s the future of Facebook Ads if you want to keep your profits after the iOS 14 update.


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)

ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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