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Landing Page Solutions for Video Marketers

Whatever you do – promoting your business, doing affiliate marketing, or providing services, you always need a landing page. It’s usually a place where you will direct your Facebook or Youtube video viewers, for them to buy your product, avail of your service, or sign up to your list. It can also be a place for you […]

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Video SEO in 2018?

Okay, just a disclaimer – I’m not that serious in doing video SEO anymore this time around, because I now switched to FB ads. I admit I became a little bit lazy in spending time optimizing my videos, and I now have some budget so I kinda gave up on video SEO. The last time I gave […]

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Your Amazon Store + Video = Molaah

You probably got various video creation apps already and so it’s about time to use them to make money. And today, I wanna show you one way to do so, which is to promote Amazon products as an affiliate, using videos. You see, this is one of the things I myself did in the past so I […]

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Create Professional Infographics FAST & EASY!

Infographics are one of the mostly shared type of content online because they combine the use of images and information into one. You can see them specially on Facebook and Pinterest. But to create something like this, you need to have a solid graphic design skills, professional tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, and hours to spend in […]

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An Easy Tool for Creating Stop Motion Videos?

If you remember, we released Stop Motion Xpress, over a month ago. This was a collection of ready-made stop motion videos. This is my very first product that’s mainly a collection of video stocks and no longer a training. The reason was the creation of stop motion videos is somewhat complicated and it’s relatively hard to […]

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Improving Voice for Video Presentations

It has been my struggle since I started placing myself in front of a camera and recording presentations on how to deliver my communication more fluid. It’s always very rough and I just usually spend hours editing my recorded training or sales videos. That’s why I’ve been planning to enroll to a training on how to improve […]

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Mushroom VS. Tree (Fast VS. Long Term Result)

There are many applications of this in growing your business but I wanna focus more in email marketing this time. Now email marketing might NOT sound sexy anymore (it’s nothing new right?) but believe me, it’s VERY important in any business. And if you’re still not doing email marketing, you NEED to start doing it now. You don’t […]

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NEW Tuesday Special (Plus Updates and Announcements)

I chose this day to connect with you every week because it’s the best day to get your attention so I can help you better.And before anything else, let me start with some…Changes I’ll Make for the Courses You Enrolled InLast January, I subscribed to Kajabi and Paykickstart to give you the best platform possible […]

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Our Epic Refunder

First off, I’m sorry for not posting blogs for a while now… And now that I’m back, I wanna make an “epic” post about our experience after someone requested for a refund after she purchased Mobile Video Boss. The time I’m writing this, we are still in the middle of the launch and my goal was to repeat […]

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