May 19

The NEW Normal – Business After Lockdown


Let's already accept it - we're not going back to the usual "normal."

After this lockdown, expect a NEW normal. Simon Sinek explained it well, in this video…

The question is, are READY for it?

Internet Marketing Skills & Tools Making More Sense...

With offline things getting "virtualized" these days, the internet marketing skills you learned and tools you acquired make more sense.

In our church meetings for example, I became very useful because of my strong internet background and understanding of online tools.

I also see a lot of new ads on Facebook these days, offering LMS and other trendy online solutions.

While these are all great, for sure, a lot of folks out there will abuse this opportunity, by developing apps after apps.

They will surely hype it all so I have to there to review most of these software keep on popping up.

Of course, there will be some that are useful but I’m pretty sure most of them are actually useless.

The Rise of Digital Services...

Because of so many industries shifting to online, digital services will become even more in-demand.

That’s why it’s a great idea to run a digital marketing agency today.

But what if you don’t have top-notch special skills to offer?

Well, you don’t have to.

There’s now this NEW way of running a service agency, without having to offer the services yourself.

It’s called Drop Servicing.

Here, you can act as a middleman between business owners and service providers.

This is very lucrative opportunity and very few are doing it right now.

I actually have an upcoming program on this, which I’m about to start in the next few days.

If you still didn’t join us, join us now...

Drop Servicing

Become a CEO of your own digital marketing agency and offer digital services without having to do any of the tasks yourself…

The Peak of Elearning Industry & the NEW Way to Do it...

Aside from the rise of digital marketing services, e-learning industry is at its peak as well.

This lockdown has paved the way for LMS solutions as well as Zoom and similar apps to shine!

I’ve been telling even a few years ago that e-learning is an industry that’s expected to become bigger and bigger as we go.

However, I didn’t expect it to become big this fast.

In fact, even formal education is trying to catch up by finding ways to shift from the traditional classroom learning to virtual.

Still, the way online courses are done before this pandemic will be somewhat different afterwards.

Today, I see the trend going towards video conferencing and live video coaching.

That’s why Zoom became really HOT right now and even Facebook is “forced” to develop their own Messenger room.

I’ve been planning to release my own flagship online course creation and launching program called Course Genesis, but I realized I have to change the way I approach things, when this pandemic happened.

So today, I’m opening my upcoming challenge on creating and launching your first online course in 30 days…

Create & Launch Your 1st Online Course in 30 Days! 

Join this group coaching challenge and finally create and launch your 1st successful online course in 30 days...


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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