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What’s the Best Video Conferencing App?

My Recommended Video Conferencing Apps


Simplest and most affordable.


Most beautiful solution.


For general purposes

Video conferencing is nothing new but it became trendy in today's new normal.

So the question is, what's the best video conferencing software that you can use?

Free Options 

We all wanted free stuff but free does not always mean the best.

There are various free options like Skype, Google Meet, and the new Messenger Rooms by Facebook.

I'm personally using Skype for business communication but I never used the video conferencing feature because of its limitations.

I also heard good things about Google Meet but I was not able to use it because participants need a Google account to use it, which does not work for other people.

Also, Google has a history of changing and stopping their apps so we're not really sure on the longevity of this solution.

How about the all new Messenger Rooms?

Well, their promise of 50 participants in a room is still not available in our place plus we experienced some glitches (like feedback) with it, so we discontinued using it.


Zoom is probably the most popular video conferencing app so far and they are one of those companies who skyrocketed during these times.

We've been using Zoom for our church meetings (smaller groups) and conferences (even big virtual conferences) and it's been stable so far.

I'm also using it from time to time in my interviews and FB live and it's working well for me.

It has a lot of features which are great, but can be confusing for first time users.

It's good for general video conferencing purposes, from one-on-one video calling to big virtual conferences.

However, there were some horror stories about security issues in Zoom.

I haven't experienced this myself but there were reports of hackers "video bombing" Zoom rooms.

Aside from that, Zoom is also reported to be selling data of their users to other companies (not 100% sure about this though).


This is my own app so I might be biased with it 🙂

Compared to Zoom, it's a lot simpler to use.

It's web-based and you don't need to install any software for you to use it.

The app is still on beta and it has a bunch of cool features as shown in the video above.

The roadmap of the app includes bigger rooms (boosting to 50 participants is available so far) and multiple live streaming to Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn (which is not even possible in Zoom).

And the best of all, I'm now offering this at a very low one-time fee for a limited time today.

You have to hurry though because I'll end this offer very soon...


This app is not included in my initial plan of video conferencing app feature, but I discovered it when checking on Appsumo deals.

I ended up grabbing the one-year deal because the features look very promising.

While it's mainly designed for one-on-one and small group meetings, it's the most beautiful video conferencing app I've ever seen.

It also has some unique features such as easy file uploading and sharing as well as cobrowsing.

Other Video Conferencing App Deals

In case you're looking for more deals, here are some from Appsumo, though I didn't try these apps myself...


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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