November 17

Viddyoze 2020 review – What you need to know…

The New Viddyoze Review

What you need to know...


  • Great looking animation templates
  • Can create professional animations easily
  • Live action mock up is great
  • Great portfolio for "Fiverr" service providers


  • Primitive render preview
  • Slow render time (and you're asked to upgrade to go faster)
  • Limited number of templates in the front end (compared to other video web apps out there)
  • User library needs upgrade for you to use it (I thought this is a new feature as they mentioned)
  • Most templates are not really that useful for video projects in my opinion


If you're a business owner making videos for your own business, I don't think you need this. I recommend just outsourcing the creation of your logo reveal and video graphics by paying less and one time at Fiverr.

Viddyoze is good for video service providers out there who want to build portfolio on Fiverr and the likes. Still, they must be aware of the problems I mentioned above about this app and they should be okay with those. 

Alternative apps you can consider...

I recommend watching Jenn Jager's review as well...


Viddyoze 2020 review

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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)

ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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  1. Hi Cham.

    I think you are 100% correct in your review.

    To take full advantage of Viddyoze, you need to be a Template Club member. In that membership you have so many options that you ultimately will find a template that will suit your purposes.
    And you will have a lot of fun, playing around with all templates.
    I know, I was in the Template Club for a couple of years.

    But as a business model it didn't suit me. Always one little piece missing that the customer wanted, an image, a color, a.. what ever.
    I always needed to fix them after rendering, in one way or another. So the time saved by using templates were gone.
    And I still had to pay $37 every month for those templates.

    What I found, and what suited me best, was to use several cheaper solutions. And use their templates in my own video editing softwares.
    Adding my own lower thirds, my own colors and the images I wanted, where I wanted them.
    A half-ready template is cheaper than a super fancy template. And in both cases I had to edit them myself before delivering to my customers.

    With that said, I'm sure there are Viddyoze customers that have a business model that let them take full advantage of Viddyoze.
    And I admit, it was soo fun to play around with all templates. But as a business tool, it wasn't for me.


    1. Thank you for sharing your experience here. I agree, I've been providing video services for all their years and full flexibility and customization is very important because clients always wanted things to be created based on what they want.

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