Our frustration on PLDT customer service… 

 June 5, 2019

By  cham

I’m posting this article in a net shop because so far, we still don’t have connection at home…

So here’s the story…

After having PLDT fiber last year, we’re so happy to finally have a fast internet connection. That was after a long wait actually.

As an internet marketer working at home, this is a great relief from my frustrations in using our previous provider that caps our usage every month.

But after using PLDT fiber for 5 months or so, we just had our very first problem – we suddenly lost our connection – the “los” in our router is red.

My wife then called the customer service (which is so hard to reach by the way) and they promised to ask a technician to come and check it in 3 to 5 days.

I was in the middle of joining a week-long conference at that time so I was thinking, they will fix it before our conference is over.

This way, I can continue on my online tasks again.

Unfortunately, after 5 days and our conference is over, no one still checked our connection.

We are already getting frustrated and my wife is also getting stressed because I keep on asking her to call them again for update.

I mean, come on, they supposed to check on this problem and update us about the progress on what’s going on so far.

But no one even bothered to come back to us.

We have to call them again and ask how is it so far because I’m guessing they don’t have any plan on getting back to us if we will not call again.

And so this day (June 5, 2019), I asked my wife to call them again and a representative answered professionally and he understands the problem.

But still, he has no solid answer to our problem than to say sorry and he will do what he can to speed up the solution to our problem.

My wife then asked if he can give us the phone number of the technician who will come and fix our connection so we can contact him ourselves.

Bu the representative cannot give us anything and just said he will do what he can to speed things up to solve our problem.

I then answered the call and told the representative that this is already a very long delay and asked if when this will get resolved.

He cannot give me a date and so I said we might just come back to call and will just receive the same reply again – that they already told the technician about our problem.

I wanted to talk to his manager or so but I didn’t, to give him a chance to see how he can speed things up.

Here’s the problem here…

I’ve been a call center agent myself so I know it’s not the representative’s fault.

I just think there’s an issue with the overall customer service of PLDT in handling these problems.

After they received a call from a customer, saying there’s a problem with the connection, what did they do?

Did they really contact a technician to come and check the problem ASAP? Or they just typed a report and are not really concerned that much if it will be solved or not?

If they reported this and asked a technician to check, did they get back to that technician if he did his job or just let that technician go when he feels going?

As a customer, we have no way of knowing what’s going on and left on the dark and if God knows when will a technician come and fix this connection.

I’m a business owner myself and even if I’m just an individual, I’m doing my very best to resolve all the issues my customers are having.

PLDT is a big company and they should have a much better job in resolving the concerns of their customers.

If any PLDT managers or personnel are reading this, this is my suggestion…

Once a technical problem is reported (specially loss of connection), they should not just report this on their computer and simply tell a technical about it.

They should strictly monitor the technician and tell him to go and fix it ASAP.

They should take it seriously and really check if the technician is doing his job because the users are paying on something they cannot use, and even just a day of no connection is a big deal (how much more with a week!).

And if there’s something going on that causes delay, they should come back with the customer and tell what’s going on and maybe provide temporary solutions while waiting for the main problem to be solved.

But what did you do PLDT? You did nothing after a week and seemingly no plan in coming back to us if we did not call back.

What kind of customer service is that?

And how about the technician you contacted to come and fix our connection?

Did you even monitor if he is doing his job or you don’t care at all?

Also, you should have called us and asked if a technician came to fix our connection.

Alas, none of that happened!

I know you can do better than this.

You are an internet company and communication is no longer like it is 1990s.

Is it so hard to communicate with your technician if he’s doing his job?

You just reported our issue for technician dispatch and that’s it? No monitoring at all if they are did it?

We have to call back after a week and ask, only to get the same answer that our issue is already on technician dispatch and you’re now speeding things up this time?

Why only now? And until when shall we wait? Is it so hard to update us on what’s going on?


Also, why is it so hard to contact your support line? It’s already 2019 but your support is still Jurassic.

I’m talking to PLDT but this is applied to the customer service in the Philippines in general.

I used various international support and they are fast and reliable. And they usually get back to you if there’s a delay or some issues.

We Filipinos can do better with our support.

We always say we are great but I hope we can start by fixing this area.

We can do better than this.

Anyway, I just visited the PLDT FB page and I realized this is a common problem.

They are taking so long to solve technical issues and they are not giving any reasons why.

So I don’t know. I’m still giving them a chance but I’m now considering a back up connection already because it might take a month before they will come and fix this.

I hope not but it’s better to be ready.


Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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