NEW Tuesday Special (Plus Updates and Announcements) 

 July 25, 2017

By  cham

I chose this day to connect with you every week because it’s the best day to get your attention so I can help you better.

And before anything else, let me start with some…

Changes I’ll Make for the Courses You Enrolled In

Last January, I subscribed to Kajabi and Paykickstart to give you the best platform possible for the courses I’ll make, but I have to cancel them for a few reasons.

While Kajabi is best membership platform I ever used, I’m only limited to up to 5 products in the already expensive plan I got, and that’s a bummer for me because I plan on creating more.

I also signed up to Paykickstart as I don’t like how JVZoo mail my subscibers with everyday affiliate products.

I really like how Paykickstart works but I also have to stop my subscription because it’s not that cost effective as of now (though I still plan on going back to it soon).

There are more things here and I can write another blog about each of these platforms but I don’t like to spend too much time on these for now.

Anyway, if you enrolled to any of my courses on Kajabi (Video Thrive Society, Vidtasia, and/or Social Video Ads), these all will be transferred to Freshmember.

In the next few days, you will soon receive your new login details for the course/s you enrolled in.

About Reviewing Others’ Products

My long term goal is to create a program or solution that can help you and just focus on that so that as much as possible, I don’t have to talk about others’ products every now and then.

In fact, I did this last January but I had to go back in reviewing products because well, other marketers out there will tell you about these products anyway.

And unfortunately, most reviews out there are very biased and usually don’t show the flaws of the products.

So I still want to review new products (specially video related products) so I can give you my HONEST look into them.

“Is that the only reason, Cham?”

Okay, I’ll be honest – I also want to earn from good products I promote so I can have something to feed my family during those times that I’m not promoting my own product.

But still, I’ll see to it that I only promote something that I know can help you. And my purpose in reviewing products is for you that have a good decision whether they are for you or not.

Also, I’ll do my best NOT to offer affiliate products like everyday.

I’ll probably do just one in a week so I can also go deeper in my product reviews.

And My Own Products

Again, my long term goal is to make just a few premium products and just focus on maintaining them.

However, I also do understand that most of you are used to lower cost products. That’s why I had to make my other courses very affordable so most of you can join.

The only catch is that, it’s really hard to maintain a product if you sold it for a very low price at one-time payment. You again have to create another low cost product to continue living.

I’m now doing my best to balance this but I’m really looking forward to creating just a few premium products in the future that I can focus into and really devote my time maintaining them, instead of keep on creating low-cost products.

Still, as of right now, I have to create really affordable products (we have one coming in September and unlike all of my previous products, this is no longer a training but a collection of something unique that you will surely LOVE – more in this soon).

I’m also planning to create one semi-premium course on a certain topic but I still want to learn more about you and what you really need.

Like I said, I don’t like to just keep pushing products to you but really help you move forward in your business.

And to do that, please tell me more about you, your business, and your struggles that you want to get solved.

Please follow this link and answer a few questions in the next page.

If you spend time giving your answers, I’ll manually send you one of the following (your choice) as a FREE gift to thank you for your time:

  • Animated avatars
  • HIGH converting video script formula
  • List of HIGH paying clients​


Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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