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 January 21, 2017

By  cham

With my goal to provide premium training starting this year, I realized I also have to invest into better platforms. I just got Kajabi and Paykickstart and this combo is here to give you better experience.

Last year, I was always looking for the most affordable solution for my membership sites. And while it still worked, I honestly ran into various technical issues. I always did my best to provide great quality content but these technical problems hurt the user experience of those who enrolled to my courses.

That’s why last month (December 2016), I enrolled into a premium course that costs $2000 to bring my course creation to the NEXT level. Not only that I learned a LOT of things but also realized I have to get the best possible tools, if I really want to bring a great experience to my students.

Kajabi for My Membership Site

I learned about Kajabi from my mentor a few years ago, but I was reluctant to get it because I thought it’s really pricy. However, my bad experiences with WordPress plugins plus my goal to make things better this year pushed me to finally get Kajabi.

After spending the whole day to watch the training videos and learn the platform, I began creating my first course inside Kajabi. I love it that almost everything I need for a membership site is already included in this single solution.

My favorite feature is their Wistia automatic integration, because I love Wistia’s video hosting solution. In fact, I was hoping to use Wistia before for my membership sites but I stepped back because of the price. But now, it’s already built-in in Kajabi! I was using Vimeo for my private video hosting back then and while it’s also good, I just like Wistia better.

Another great thing about Kajabi is that, it’s very reliable and I don’t have to buy any 3rd party solution to make my site secure and powerful to handle thousands of traffic. Last year, I have to sign up to MaxCDN to handle my traffic and had to spend over a hundred dollars (plus monthly fee) whenever I launch my course.

So at the end of the day, I realized I might be spending more for Kajabi upfront, but that’s the only cost I need to keep my membership site running. Before, I was trying to spend as less as possible, only to find out I have to spend more along the way for my video hosting, traffic handling, etc.

I know there are also other great solutions out there but I’m already loving Kajabi so I’ll stick to it. I’m already transferring my other courses here and plan to use it for my next courses as well.

Paykickstart for My Payment System

Kajabi already has its own payment system through Stripe. Unfortunately, Stripe is still not catering my country and I still have to rely on Paypal as my payment gateway. Also, my mentor said that he is still using a payment platform (he is using Samcart) together with Kajabi because he wanted to use the best tools in each things that he does. He said that Kajabi is best for creating membership sites and Samcart for payment system so he is using them together.

I signed up to Samcart as well and while it’s good, I chose Paykickstart because it provides more features that I need. I was previously using JVZoo, which is free, but gets percentage in each transactions I get. JVZoo is a good place to start but I’m now going for better solutions. I might still use JVZoo if I find great affiliate products to promote (which I’ll just do from time to time this year).

My Previous Hassles Now SOLVED!

Kajabi and Paykickstart solved all the hassles I experienced in my previous products. Setting up those WordPress membership plugins, pages, and other things and then connecting them to JVZoo, only to find out things are not working during the launch really gave me lots of headache before.

Kajabi really made my life SO much better! I still have to try Paykickstart in a real launch but I’m sure it works well because I know great friends in the industry who used it and I heard good things about it.

Anyway, I just wanna share to you these things that are happening behind the scenes so you know what I’m “cooking” for you. Like I always say, I wanna differentiate myself from typical marketers out there who just want to make a lot of money but don’t really care that much about their buyers.

So if you didn’t sign up to the FREE video marketing training I did a few days ago, you might want to sign up now. I’m also running a video marketing bootcamp that will be released as a premium training soon (you’ll learn more about this once you sign up to the free training). This training is going the bring your business to the NEXT level, and achieve something you never had before. So if you want to join us early, sign up now!

Happy weekend!

P.S. Feel free to add your comment below if you wanna say or ask anything…


Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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  1. Cham,
    Your experience with online course platforms is very relevant to my own situation; and your comments regarding your past experience brought to mind some very significant issues; particularly your personal trials and tribulation with the use of the WordPress platform and plug-ins.

    Greg Smith the founder of Thinkific. I found his blog post comparing his product to Kajabi. He also speaks favorably of Kajabi while naturally he is biased in favor of his own product Thinkific.


    This link will give you a features comparison table between these 2 fine products – Thinkific and Kajabi.

    Another point of view comes from the blog Entrepreneurs Journey. Here is a link of an affiliate marketer Yaro Starak giving a fair, favorable and insightful review of Kajabi. Entitled “Jajavi – is it really that good?”


    I read through many of the 75 comments following this review and they are very instructive and definitely worth considering. Remarks relating to cloud technology and customer service are among many serious observations made regarding which platform to choose.

    There are many other good platforms out there but these 2 articles seemed most relevant to your decision to go with Kajabi.

    Choosing an online course platform is fraught with complexities; not the least of which is how to choose among the many options. At the end of the day it is guidance such as you provide which helps immeasurably in the decision-making process.

    John D.

    1. Thanks for your comment and those links John. Those articles are of course great. However, I also have to point out that what was reviewed there was the older version of Kajabi (the articles were written a few years ago). What I’m using now is called the “New Kajabi” which is the latest version so far.

      The platform is good enough for me and they are also adding new features as we go. Well, there are of course lots of great solutions out there but I’m already happy with kajabi.

      The biggest reason why I chose Kajabi is because it’s what my mentor is using. I enrolled to his premium course and as a student, I really love how I’m watching the videos from the platform. I’m also creating my training inside Kajabi right now and so far, I like it.

      So as both a student and teacher in Kajabi, I’m having a good experience. Again, I’m sure there are other great options out there but when I’m happy with something, I’ll stick to it. I’m not a fan of keep on transferring to different solutions. In fact, someone offered me to transfer my course to a new platform for free (which is a really kind offer) but I have to decline because I’m already happy with what I have.

      1. Cham,
        You make several important points.

        Technology changes fast and I did not realize that the articles were so dated.

        Having a mentor to guide the untraveled path is certainly one of the key contributors to success in online video marketing or in fact any business.

        I was reviewing Kajabi’s new features
        which provide all the tools one might need for online course delivery.

        Making a commitment to Jajabi is definitely a good move; and I appreciate your point about making a decision and sticking with a particular software or technology platform.


  2. Cham,

    Why did you not mention your “mentor” by name explicitly? It is obvious to me it is Brendon Burchard since he uses New Kajabi. Am I right?

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