My HONEST Playpix Review 

 February 1, 2019

By  cham

In my Ep. 41 vlog, I mentioned Camtasia as my recommended video creation app for marketers.

And one of the reasons is the presence of a timeline - a very important thing that's lacking in almost all video creation tools developed by marketers who know nothing about editing videos.

So when I saw Playpix, I got interested to check it out because I found out that it also has a timeline.

But how does it fare compared to Camtasia? Is it a great alternative or replacement to Camtasia? 

Watch the following video to see my complete demo and HONEST review of this app...



Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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