My Goal in 2017 

 January 2, 2017

By  cham

Happy New Year!

I’m probably late here but let me say that anyways…

So 2017 has come and let me just share to you my goal for this year.

But before that, let me just look back and see what happened during the last year…

What 2016 was like

Well, this is the year I finally did what I always wanted to do for a long time – teach online. You already know me as a video guy but deep within, I really have a passion for teaching. In fact, I experienced working as a substitute University Instructor for a short while in 2010, and I really enjoyed teaching those students. I hoped to continue the job but I guess teaching in a University is not something for me.

So after holding on this dream of teaching online for a few years, I finally did it in 2016. I released 3 courses so far and I’m glad all of them were successful (okay there were a few tech issues behind the scene but overall, they were all successful). Not to mention all these courses earned 5 figures each. Thanks to the support of other marketers, I met along the way.

While everything is great in general, I still honestly can say that not everything is good in the internet marketing world. While I was lucky to meet great marketers who helped me along the way, I realized that some things have to be changed, to really help the online product consumers, and not just make money from them.

You see, before entering the product creation world, I was also a buyer myself, purchasing product after product each and every time. I had this “shiny object syndrome” where I buy a product, get excited, then buy another one, forget about the previous one, get into this “new idea” and “new technology” and just find myself not accomplishing anything at all.

Now that I’m a product creator, I realized that a lot of people are in that situation as well. What makes me sad is that, a lot of marketers don’t care as long as they can make money. So what they do? They push products to your inbox each and everyday (which is pretty annoying, right?).

Well, okay, I’m also a bit guilty about this. And even if I promised myself to just promote products that I know can help my subscribers, I’m sometimes forced to promote a product I’m not a hundred percent a fan of, just because it’s from someone who helped me a lot before.

But this year, I want to change this…

Hence, my plan for this year 2017:

1. I’ll provide more free content through vlogs, articles, and podcasts

This is something I have been doing before but for some reason, I got somewhat lazy and didn’t continue it. This year I want to revive this and do it even better. This way, I can connect with my subscribers better and also provide more help to others.

2. I’ll focus more on my own products, and bring them to the next level

While I’m glad that I was already able to release 3 courses this year, I know I can bring more to the table. That’s why this year, I’ll focus more on developing premium courses that can really impact the lives of business owners. However, I also have to focus on a few serious students who are willing to pay the price to bring their business to the next level through videos. I did quality courses but sold them cheaply this year and this has to change. That’s why I’m also acquiring premium platforms where I will host my next courses and give a lot better experience to my students.

3. I’ll cut on promoting affiliate products, and promote ONLY the products that I believe 100% can help my subscribers

Actually, I already started doing this. If you noticed, I didn’t promote any affiliate offers during the last days. This is something I don’t like that’s going on in the internet marketing world these days so I’m going out of this trend. This year, you will seldom hear me selling others’ products. I’ll probably just do if I’m a super fan of that product and I can see that it’s really useful for us.

4. I’ll revive my video marketing services but I’ll make them premium

I just met with my previous video editing partner in a TV station back then, and we planned to offer video services online. We’ll do more video creation stuff but I’m also thinking of bringing this service to the next level.

I’ve got a lot more goals for this year but these are just the ones I wanted to share. Some are just personal ones so you probably don’t care about them.

So how about you? How was your business last year? What are your plans and goals for this year 2017? You can share them in the comment area below…


Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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