September 28

Motvio Review – Better than Wistia & Vimeo?


While I said in my video review that you can consider this if you only need to upload less than 5GB videos and might subscribe for monthly once you need more space, I realized I'll rather not recommend this.

WHY? With the super slow upload speed and too many bugs at the moment, it's not worth it. Of course they still have the chance to improve the platform soon and I might recommend this if that happens.

Until then, save your money from this. If you happened to purchase this because of bonuses and reviews of others who are not really showing the bugs of this app (I watched others' reviews on Youtube and no one pointed out the slow upload speed for longer videos and other bugs), better for ask for a refund.

Motvio claims to be a futuristic video hosting that performs better than leading platforms like Wistia and Vimeo.

And to find out if this is true, I created a full review of the platform by testing most of the features...

My Motvio Review Summary


  • Very cheap 
  • Great looking video player
  • Has lots of great pro features


  • Very limited storage for the front end
  • Upload speed is very slow
  • Some features are not working


While the platform has a great potential, they need to work on some things such as making the upload speed faster and fixing the bugs of features not working. So far, it's NOT better than Wistia and Vimeo as they claimed. 

Will I use it?

Personally, I'll not be using this for my private videos. 

I'm now using Teachable for my courses and it's already integrated with Wistia.

So for my courses where I'm using private videos, I'm happy with Teachable and I don't need to subscribe to any private video hosting anymore.

I still have Vimeo Plus and I'm using it still for sales videos I'm embedding in my sales pages, but I'm considering to end my subscription soon and simply use the free version.

I recommend you also check the update I added above.


Motvio Review, private video hosting, Wistia Alternative

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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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