July 15

How to Find Local Clients Who Badly Need Your Services

WHY offer digital services (even if you don't have special skills), WHY now?

With local businesses shifting to online today, the demand in digital services is rising.

There are now thousand of local business owners who badly need digital help, for them to survive these days.

And you can be there to help them, even if you're not really an "expert" in any digital services.

How to find these hungry local clients?

While these clients badly need help, they will not come knocking on your doors - you have to find them.

In the past, I recommended a tool called LeadKahuna, which I still believe, one of the best tools in prospecting local clients.

However, I admit it's also pricy for some and so today, I wanna introduce to you a great yet much more affordable alternative - Leads Gorilla.

You can watch my video above on how it works and here's also another demo from the developer of the app...

What if you don't have any special skills to offer to these clients?

Well, I have an upcoming program for this called DropServicr, where you can learn to provide services to clients, without you doing any of the tasks yourself.

And you can have access to this as a bonus, if you grab Lead Gorilla today...

My EXCLUSIVE Bonuses for you if you grab this today...

Bonus 1 - Early access to DropServicr


This is my upcoming program on how to offer digital services to high paying clients, without having to do any of the tasks yourself.

So even if you don't have any special skills to offer, you can use Leads Gorilla to find clients then learn how to "use" highly skilled professionals to do the hard tasks, while you can the benefits.

Bonus 2 - List of High Paying Clients

You already have the power to find local clients, so why not find those who can pay you well?

This is a list of the types of clients you should target and charge high for your services.

NOTE: To avail of these exclusive bonuses, just forward your receipt to chamaltatis@gmail.com, once you purchase Leads Gorilla, and I'll give you access to the bonuses.

Other Bonuses for you...

Resell Rights to 1500 Premium Stock Video Collection

Get Commercial Rights to 1500+ HD premium videos to use in your marketing or for agency clients!

Commercial Rights to Premium Powerpoint Collection

Get a variety of high quality templates in many different colors and styles for any webinar slide deck idea you may need or video course!

Fastest Google Cache with Agency Rights

Easily double your Google page speed score with this ultimate caching plugin!

Page load speed is a CRUCIAL factor when determining how well your page converts and this super easy-to-use software will do just that.

And other surprise bonuses inside!


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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