eyeSlick – A vTail (Video Retail) Solution 

 August 19, 2019

By  cham

vTail? What is that?

Yup, this is a new term, which basically stands for video retail, something that this NEW video platform offers.

And while the word "vTail' is short, it actually opens a lot of possibilities.

Well, let me rather show you what it does - watch the following video...

Through eyeSlick, you can earn income multiple ways:

[+] Selling live video access

For example you could do anything like offer:
* High paying, exclusive breaking news live stream video to a news channel 
* Personalised high-end DJ streaming set to birthday parties, weddings etc. 
* One-on-one with a psychic or astrology reader 
* Small group counselling or coaching series 
* Personal fitness or business training sessions 
* Large group public or private webinar streaming 
* Personal shopper services or showcasing your eCom products 
* Real Estate agents showcasing homes with live video walkthroughs 

[+] Uploading and selling ANY videos 
* Teach anything, upload your existing video training materials and charge for access (or build your brand and offer it for free!) 
* Create and sell product reviews to one person (exclusive rights), or to multiple people 
* Sell entire video courses that people can then go on and sell themselves 
* Sell royalty free/stock videos

[+] Receiving Donations

Viewers can even donate, similar to Twitch or Patreon where users can subscribe to receive special thank you's or exclusive content

Grab eyeSlick from this Page and Have the Following  EXCLUSIVE BONUSES...


Animated Flourish


Animated Maps


Advanced Transitions


Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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