June 24

Create Animated Posters & Social Videos With Crello


NOTE: This deal is ENDING soon so better HURRY!

Ah, this is probably one of the most EXCITING apps I ever got in years!

You see, I'm always fascinated with those elegant loops and Cinemagraphs so I released Motion Ads before.

So when I saw a tutorial on Youtube on how to create animated posters, I got hooked.

Unfortunately, I have to go the "geeky graphic designs and animations way" by using my Adobe tools like Photoshop and After Effects.

While that can work for me, it can take so much time, which is not worth it, unless I'm just doing things for fun.

Aside from that, I'm always into sharing things to my subscribers (who are not geeks), and I can't teach that complicated process to them.

So when I saw Crello, I immediately thought that this is the answer, and I was right!

Now, Crello is normally a monthly paid plan but thankfully, I got this Appsumo deal which allows you to get this for a lifetime one-time fee...

NOTE: This deal is ENDING soon so better HURRY!


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)

ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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