October 9

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summary of updates

Individual courses

Cinemagraphy, animated images, 3D photo, and scroll stoppers will be separate individual courses.

Cinemagraphy remake

I'm going to remake the Cinemagraphy course entirely and do some updates with the other courses as well.

Elegant ad backgrounds

You'll get a collection of elegant ad backgrounds that you can use for your own business or for your clients.

InVideo premium team

And the BIGGEST of them all - all Motion Ads Reloaded members are given access to my InVideo premium team.

With thousands of ads posted online these days, it's hard for any content to stand out.

That's why in today's BIGGEST update of Motion Ads, I'm now going to show how to create different types of formats for your ads.

Let me talk about each of these formats and discuss on why they can stand out from the noisy contents out there...


Cinemagraphs are not so new anymore but they are still very effective in "hypnotizing" audiences.

Compared to noisy images and videos out there, they are non-disruptive and non-intrusive.

They are great for showing calmness and elegance because of their hypnotic and mesmerizing looks.

They are the types of ad that you can look forever and you don't get tired of it.

But because there are already a lot of people posting Cinemagraphs today, it's time to raise the bar and make things even better.

Here are the new Cinemagraph styles I created lately...

Just a side note, when I posted that Cinemagraph in my FB page, I got this comment, which I replied right away...

I repeat, the purpose of Cinemaphs is to display very subtle movements, thus elegance, NOT a lot of dynamics just to be eye catching.

Here's a great example by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck's (founders of Cinemagraph) that inspired me to do this thing 4 years ago...

You can see more of their works here

And to make things even better than the usual Cinemagraphs, I been creating different compositions such as double exposure and "scroll stopper" Cinemagraphs...

Animated Images

...or Plotagraph... or living images? Not really sure what to call these.

Anyway, they are almost similar with Cinemagraphs but they came from a still image then animations and added during editing.

You can learn more about the difference between Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs here.

While you can also do elegant ads using this format, this is the time that you can also be dynamic if you want, and create more flashy ads. 

As for me, I still wanna be more minimalistic and professional because I don't want my ads to look corny.

3D Photos

Unfortunately, Facebook are still not opening running ads using 3D photos. 

But it's still there up to now and you can use this format to promote your business organically.

Scroll Stoppers

This format is becoming trendy lately because they are out of the box styles.

They just disrupt social media content and so they are very effective in getting your attention.

This is a new training category I'm teaching inside Motion Ads.

Elegant Ads

I don't know what to call these things yet so let me just call them elegant ads for now.

These are ready-made backgrounds you can use for your own business or for your clients, if you join Motion Ads Reloaded.

Brand Videos, Memes, Motion Quotes, etc.

InVideo Premium Team Membership

This is probably the most exciting in this update of Motion Ads!

To help you create scroll stoppers and almost all types of social videos, I'll add your to my InVideo Premium team if you join Motion Ads Reloaded today.

For previous Motion Ads members and current InVideo team members

I'll send a coupon in your inbox so just check on that for you to join with a discount.

Both a previous member of Motion Ads and current member of my InVideo team? Contact me and I'll give you a bonus if you join...


animated images, Cinemagraph creation, FB 3D photos, Motion Ads Reloaded, scroll stoppers

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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)

ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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  1. Hi Cham,

    You've got me excited about your new programs. I know I have Motion Ads, but I'm uncertain as to what I have in relation to your requirements for a discount. Thought I would go ahead and pay the $34 dollars to lock myself in knowing You would help smooth out just what I need to comply with your requirements.

    Is there a one time price for early subscribers? I hope so. With my health issues I'm not so interested in selling so much – mostly just playing around and making projects for friends and the church…

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