May 13

Moovly – Create & Edit Professional Videos Online


A few months back, I reviewed an app that promises to give full online video editing capability.

As much as I wanted the tool to work, it unfortunately didn't and I found lots of glitches.

Those who launched the app got so much disappointed with me because of that so they banned me from their list of partners.

I also saw a lot of good reviews of that app from so called good guys out there, and none of them pointed out the glitches I showed in my review.

I like the idea of that app but it unfortunately didn't do what it promised.

Thankfully, I found a full online video creation app that works...

I'm talking about Moovly, and I actually saw this a few years back but didn't get the chance to check it out.

I know it's a quality app but I didn't want to pay for another monthly plan in a video creation app so I ignored it before.

And now, they are having a lifetime deal which really worth checking!


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)

ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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