August 24

Introducing Kreate…


Why I decided to start Kreate - my video creation program for the NEW normal

I always wanted to create the most trustworthy and useful program on creating marketing videos.

In fact, I already started this when I did VidCraft before. Unfortunately, it didn't work well like it should.

It's sad but in reality, most are interested in keep on buying the latest video creation apps in the market than really learning how to create effective videos that work.

Still, I know that there's a few serious ones out there and I now just want to work with these ones.

Specially right now that a lot of things has changed brought by the current pandemic.

I genuinely wanted to help business owners and even educators, create videos that work during this time around.

Why Kreate will be one of the BEST video creation programs for marketing and education...

Okay, I know that's BIG statement but I'll stand by what I said.

If I'll just create a mediocre program that's like what every one else created already, I'll rather not do this.

And when I say the best, I don't just mean the best Hollywood looking video creation.

Because the truth is, just because your video looks like an award-winning video doesn't mean it's effective.

My goal here is to show how to create the simplest and easiest to make yet most effective video.

And yes, you don't need to buy most of the latest video creation apps coming out today.

My Research & Inspiration

I've been doing a lot of research on the marketing videos that are working well right now, for me to learn the kind of videos I should teach to create.

And on Netflix, I also watched some documentaries that gave me inspiration for this program.

I was inspired by Minimalism, which is what I wanted to teach in video creation as well - to create pro looking videos with minimal tools and effects.

The episode about designs that disrupt the industry also gave me a lot of ideas.

Combining all these things together, I came up with the outline I showed in the video above.

Who are the founding members of Kreate already?

As promised, those who just joined my InVideo team will be founding members of Kreate.

But, as mentioned in the video, you have to be ACTIVE in the program to maintain your access.

If I don't see any activity from you, I'll remove your access to Kreate even if you're an InVideo team member.

Also, those who joined my course VidCraft before will have access to this program as well.

And because I postponed the creation of my course DropServicr (previously called Digital CEO), I'm also giving an option for those you pre-enrolled, to become a Kreate founding member instead.

Finally, those who are currently subscribed to any of our template clubs before, you're automatically a founding member because you have access to everything.

Not included in the list above?

Don't worry, you can still become a founding member by joining any of the plans below...

Become a FOUNDING MEMBER of KREATE by choosing your plan below...

all access to courses

No Contract. Can Cancel Anytime









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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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