March 26

How to Create Your Signature Sales Video


Alright, this video is going to be very important because today you're finally going to learn how to create your unique high converting sales video.

And this is part of Pillar no. 3 of my program Kreate.

And what most frustrated entrepreneurs are doing is that they start things from research and then just get a template online and base their script on the template, and then just choose a video style that's convenient for them and then probably purchase a software that's easy to use and create their videos in a few minutes and then, boom! -they already have a sales video.

Only to find out that the sales video will never convert.

So instead of that, I'm going to show you the proper steps on how to create a signature high converting sales video so that you will be transferred from being a frustrated entrepreneur to a thriving one.

Step 1 - Personalize your offer

And, yeah, it's a great idea to attract the kind of audience whom you wanted to work with and don't just base everything on research on what most people out there wanted, because chances are you're just forced to provide something that you don't like to provide just because some people out there wanted you to do so.

You know it's a great idea, rather, to attract the kind of audience whom we wanted to work with.

And normally these are people who are almost like you.

And through this it will be a lot easier for you to relate with this kind of audience because you passed through that experience that they are having right now.

And you will be the perfect person to help them to overcome any problem that they are having right now.

Not to mention, of course, you will be more motivated and you will be able to stand with what you believe in, and you will have the right audience who will purchase your product or avail of your service.

Step 2 -  Write your script

And yep you can base things on template, which is normally it starts from getting people's attention and then introducing yourself to build credibility and then relating with your audience problem and then explaining your solution.

Adding social proof and then adding that call to action. And while this is the usual content of a sales video script, I don't want you to be just limited with this.

In fact, if you see the same video of successful marketers out there, they're actually not following this format, you know, so what I encourage you to do is go outside the box and find ways to make your content really unique.

But, of course, is still a great idea to understand all these elements so that you will know how to play around with them and break the rules, but still make things work.

Step 3 - Choose a video style that works for your business

And there are three main styles which are live action video like what I'm doing right now. I'm doing a talking Head Live action video.

The next one is a screen capture video, and the third one is an animated video.

And yep do not choose a style based on convenience.

Because a lot of people are doing this mistake of just choosing what is easy for them, even if that style is not working for the type of business that they are running, because yep there's a specific style that works for a specific type of business.

For example, if you're a real estate agent and if you're selling some properties, it's a great idea to use a live action video because your prospective clients wanted to see the real thing.

You know, they wanted to see that property that you're selling so that they can see if that's something that they are interested to buy.

And it might be a lot easier for you to rather do a screen capture video.

But that's not the type of style that works for the type of business that you're running.

So yep, makes you to choose the proper style that you can use for your business.

Step 4 - Record and edit your video

And this is something that you can do yourself or you can outsource.

Of course, if you will outsource this, it's up to the video creator to create your video.

But all you have to do is explain what you're trying to do so that the outsourcer will be able to come up with the type of sales video that you're trying to do.

But if you plan to do this yourself, then because you have that proper style that you chose, you now, know the kind of software that you need to purchase, and then all you have to do is shoot your video and then edit your video and come up with a really unique, high converting sales video. 

So, as you can see, those are the steps on how to create your signature high converting sales video.

But as you can see, we are just touching the surface, you know, there's a lot more things that we need to learn behind the scenes for us to be able to create a sales
video that converts well.

So if you want to learn more and dig deeper into all these things that I talked about, then I want to invite you to join us in our upcoming webinar, and you will see more of this and learn more on how to create a signature high converting sales video that works well for you...


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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