September 24

How to Create Your Own Video Soundtracks Easily


Music is one of the most important elements of a video. Through music, you can change the mood of your viewers.

But as you may know, you can't just use any music and add them to your videos.

Otherwise, you might face some legal issues in using copyrighted music.

But why bother creating your own if you can just download royalty-free music collections out there?

There are 2 main reasons why - uniqueness and legalities. 


While you can simply use any collection of royalty-free music sold out there, they are no longer unique.

Remember that there are also thousands of other creators who got those tracks and so you are not the only one using them.

If you want a really unique soundtrack for your videos, better create them.

Legal Issues

I'm sure that you're already aware that you should not using any copyrighted music for your videos.

But what if I tell you that even royalty-free soundtracks can be claimed as copyrighted?

Yup, happened to me a few times and so with other creators out there.

One reason is because of what I already pointed out - lots of creators already used the track you used so sometimes they are claiming it as theirs.

Again, better create your own tracks to avoid this.

How to create your own soundtracks?

Music Licensing

Before talking about creating your own, let me tell you about music licensing first.

This is what filmmakers do if they can't produce their own soundtrack.

You can go to sites like Premium Beat and Music Bed, and license a music for your video.

But only do this if you have the budget because the price can be costly.

Produce your own music

There are also two ways to do this - professional and easy way.

If you have the skills, you can produce your own music by mixing build ups, ambient sounds, beats, etc.

If you don't even know what those words mean, then better use Infinitunes.

Listen to the following sample soundtracks you can easily create in this app...

Grab Infinitunes from this page and get the following bonuses...

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