June 23

FlexClip Review – Simple & Easy Video Creator


From the Founder...

I'm David, CEO and Founder of FlexClip.

We've been successfully focusing on graphics design and multimedia software ever since 2006! Until now, over 3 millions people use our FlexClip. Me and my team, we’re thrilled to introduce the FlexClip to you. Thank you for checking it out.

FlexClip is designed for individuals, marketers and brands, helping users create videos, movies and slideshows in a breeze.

Practical highlights:

- No need to download.
- Easy to use and clean storyboard.
- Diverse dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated elements.
- A large number of stock images, videos and musics.
- Hundreds of stunning video templates.
- Different photo and video formats.
- Flexible editing features like trim, split, add text(animations), music, watermark, etc.
- High resolutions for the output videos.
- Complimentary solutions to make your day happier.

FlexClip is perfect for:

- Educators to record and make education videos to connect with students, parents and faculty.
- Companies that want to create product demos or business videos without download anything.
- Individuals that want to make home movies for special moments like Christmas, wedding, etc.
- Influencers that want to be able to make videos for their YouTube channels.
- Organizations that need to display schedules with slideshows.
- Marketing agencies to create viral marketing videos.


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)

ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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