December 22

Filmorista Pre-enrollment


The advantage of being my previous student or current subscriber is that, you have the chance to pre-enroll in my new course at a much lower price and join me while I'm creating the course.

And today, I wanna invite you to pre-enroll in the brand new training I'm about to create called Filmorista.

What is Filmorista?

Filmorista is my comprehensive training on how to use Filmora X to create and edit almost any kind of videos such as marketing videos, vlogs, training videos, social videos, etc.

I'm also going to show how to use this tool to create almost different styles of videos which are live action, screen capture, as well as some animation and special effects.

Why Filmora X?

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I did a similar course like this called Vidtasia wherein I did a comprehensive course using Camtasia.

That's because during that time, Camtasia is the best tool I found that can create almost any kind of video you need.

And while I still think that Camtasia is a great app, I understand that it's costly for most.

After reviewing a lot of software and doing a lot of research, Filmora is the best solution I found at a reasonable price.

In fact, Filmora is a lot better than Camtasia when it comes to editing and special effect features.

If you still don't have Filmora X, you can download the free trial or get it now at a low one-time fee (take advantage of the special promo they have today)...

Filmorista Modules

This program is not just about how to use Filmora X but also a training on how to create different types of videos.

It's an application based program where I'll show real life examples on how to create the kinds of videos you need in a certain purpose.

Here are the modules I'll include inside...

  • Live action video editing
  • Screen capture video creation
  • Animation & special effects
  • Greenscreen editing
  •  Audio recording and editing


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)

ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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