Ep. 26 – FOCUS: It’s what you really NEED 

 May 22, 2018

By  cham

WHY is my topic about focus? Why not just talk about video editing, right?

Well, I see the importance of this topic because of some madness happening nowadays so I feel the need to discuss this.

You see, if you are subscribed to various marketers (specially in JVZoo, Warrior, etc.), you are probably receiving daily emails about newly released apps and training.

And chances are, you've been buying a lot of them in the past.

I know because that's what I also do before. It's addictive, right?

Adrenaline runs through your veins when you read exciting copy, get the the product, enjoy it for a while, it will not work well, here comes a new one, you get it again, and the cycle continues...

Sounds familiar? STOP the madness!

Watch today's vlog and learn how to focus on something that you can bring to success..

My Long Term Plan...

Because of this mess in the internet marketing industry today, I'm now planning to create premium evergreen programs.

This is for video marketers to NOT just start something and then jump in to another venture next month and the story continues.

Though this, the members can start and finish something.

I'll then create programs for these 2 - video creation and video traffic.

Video Creation

This is my main skill and I already helped a lot of marketers with it, but there's more that I can bring to the table.

This will be my main BIG course that shows the real thing in creating videos for business.

Most vendors out there just love to develop new video creation apps but almost no one is really teaching the art of video creation plus strategies on how to create effective marketing videos in different situations.

I'm here to do that so keep an eye on this one...

Video Traffic

I want to focus more on video ads and so I'll continue to build Social Video Ads as my program on this.

I already did FB video ads but I'll soon also include Youtube ads, Twitter video ads, and LinkedIn videos ads.

So if you did not yet join Social Video Ads...

And while waiting for my program, you can also consider Video Marketing Insider by Adam Payne.

Adam is one of my most trusted guys in the video marketing niche and he provides some things that I can't, specially Youtube related topics.

He is also my go to guy in learning video SEO so I highly recommend his training.

He also advocates focusing on your niche and so his program is evergreen.

I guarantee he will support this program in the long run and so you'll be safe with him.

Just an upfront heads up, this is NOT a cheap $27-ish course because it includes a lot of things in video marketing.

But I can tell you it's really worth it when you invest on this one..

Get Video Marketing Insider from this page and have the following EXCLUSIVE Bonuses...

BONUS 1 - Mobile Video Boss (VALUED @$97)

Our complete training on how to shoot and edit videos using only your smartphone (Android of iPhone)

BONUS 2 - StopMotionXpress (VALUED @$97)

Our collection of eye-catching stop motion clips that you can use for your business.

Just send your Video Marketing Insider receipt to chamaltatis@gmail.com and I'll give you access to the bonuses.


Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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