Ep. 2 – Designing A Stress-free Business Life 

 August 8, 2017

By  cham

Stressed and overworked in your own business? Today's episode is for you.

In this episode, let me show you how I'm shifting from a workaholic and stressed Internet Marketer to a happy and stress-free Entrepreneur. 

Watch the following video and learn WHY you need to design your business in such a way that you're having fun but still productive...

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You can also watch the following video to learn more why happiness is the new productivity...

What do you NOT want anymore

To have a stress-free business lifestyle, you have to identify the things that you no longer want to have in your life. Things such as long working hours, stressful tasks, etc.

Once you identify those things, the opposite are the things that you really want in life. Things such as freedom, more time, productivity, fun, etc.

The importance of self-care 

Sometimes, we get too serious in running our own business that we forget to take care of ourselves. 

We tend to work so hard so we can become more successful, and forget the fact that we are actually running our business so we can enjoy life.

The truth is, the happier we are, the more productive we will be and the better we can run our business. 

There are so many ways you can do to take care of yourself. You can have some breaks from just working at home in front of your computer everyday, by working in a coffee shop sometimes, walking your dog, having a massage, doing a staycation, etc...

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What do you think?

I hope you learned something in this blog and I wanna hear from you. You can leave any feedback or ask a question by adding a comment below...


Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

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