September 1

DoodleMaker Review – Do You Need it?


Here's another demo of the app by Paul Ponna...

I already told you about video creation apps getting out of the market every now and then, and now we have a new one.

Usually, I just ignore most of these apps but I had to check on this because it's somewhat different from the rest.

Not that it's something new and revolutionary, but it's been a while since I reviewed an app for creating doodle videos.

Are doodle videos still working?

Honestly, it's like 3 years ago since I created my last doodle video.

It was really trendy about 5 years ago or so and a lot of sales videos are using this style.

After a while, the trend kinda dwindled a bit so I personally didn't go back to it.

So when I saw this new app for creating whiteboard animation, I got curious if this style is still good for today.

After doing some research, I realized there are still industries using this video style and they are working well.

This only means that this style is still working.

But are they applicable to the kind of videos you create?

This is the question you need to answer before even considering this app.

It's useless to checkout DoodleMaker if whiteboard animation is not applicable to you and you don't plan on creating this type of video.

So what are these types of videos for?

Well, I can say it can be useful for most industries.

If not as a style for the entire video, it can be used as B-rolls or inserts to live action videos as animations on top.

Animations are really powerful in visualizing abstract concepts, emotions, and others that are not practical to show in a live action video.

So what do I think about DoodleMaker?

Well, compared to similar apps I reviewed before, it has some unique interesting features:

  • Its a web app so you don't have to install anything (unlike Doodly and EasySketch Pro).
  • It has 3 doodle boards - whiteboard, blackboard, and glassboard, plus you can add custom backgrounds too.
  • It as built-in AI voice over - not perfect but good enough to sound like a real person.
  • It has AI translation engine so you can create videos internationally
  • With lots of asset library including icons, doodles, shapes, images, etc.

So if you plan to create doodle videos (or add this type of animation to your videos), yup, you can consider this.

My SPECIAL BONUS for you if you grab DoodleMaker from me...

Instead of giving a bunch of unrelated bonuses, I wanna give you a very special one that you can use inside the app...

Flat Icons

These are PNG icons that you can upload and use inside DoodleMaker...

Aside from this, DoodleMaker also has there own BONUSES!


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ANNOUNCEMENT (after 1 year +)
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