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Most beautiful and easiest-to-use.

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Great for muti-casting though more complicated to use.

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OneStream Live

Multicast pre-recorded videos to multiple destinations

The Trend...

Aside from video conferencing, live streaming is another trend brought by the pandemic we have today.

While it's nothing new in the game, it became more important than ever.

If you're like me and we've been avoiding this because we're afraid to commit mistakes in front of a camera, we have to get out of our comfort zone and start doing this (I did).

Otherwise, we'll be left behind. 

Actually, when I started doing it, I realized it's not as hard as I thought it is.

In fact, I'm liking it because I don't have to spend hours to edit my video before bringing it to public.

Plus, it brings that genuine and honest factor that connects me better with my viewers.

And so today, let me show you the best live streaming solutions I tried and recommend...

Native platforms

I mean, using the built-in "live" feature of destinations like Facebook live, Youtube live, etc.

If you just want to do a simple and straightforward live stream, simply use your mobile phone and use the Facebook, Youtube, Instagram (or whatever destination you're using) app itself to go live.

This can work as well on desktop (which is great if you want to share your screen live) though it's taking a lot of internet resources, which can really slow down your browser.

So if you ask me, I rather recommend using a third-party software when live streaming using desktop.

Zoom Live Streaming Feature

Zoom is more of a video conferencing app, but you can use it to live stream your meeting to Facebook or Youtube.

In fact, you can use it to do a solo live stream by showing your webcam, screen, or both.

Just take note that you cannot live stream to both Facebook and Youtube at the same time (you can only choose one).

In our church conferences, we are using Zoom and then live streaming it to our Facebook group so this setup works well for us.

I've been using Zoom to do some solo live streaming on my FB group as well.


I've been ignoring this in the past but I was forced to use it when Zoom is not connecting to Facebook live (yup, it happens).

The tool is great, specially that it's free.

It's just a more complicated tool to use so you have to spend some time to learn how to use it.


Actually, this is my best recommended tool for live streaming.

Not only that it has the best design but also the easiest one I tried.

It has a free version, which is good enough already, though it's watermarked with their logo and you can only go live to a single destination.

If you want to multicast to multiple destination and get more features like add your own logo, add more participants, etc., you can upgrade to one of their plans.

Here's a video that shows the key features of the app...

If you do live stream a lot (or plan to do so), better pick up this one...

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The good thing about Restream is that, you can multicast even in their free basic version.

I still prefer Streamyard, but you can also checkout their other features if you want to upgrade to one of their plans...

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Compared to ther other solutions mentioned above, you can use this app to cast pre-recorded videos live to multiple destinations such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch, and whole lot more!

There were other apps like this before but they were not able to keep up with Facebook updates.

This one is a great find actually.

While it's kinda defeats the purpose of going live, there are times when you might wanna prepare your video first before making it go live.

This is useful if you're not yet ready in going live and you want to make sure everything is alright before scheduling the live video.

It also solves the probable technological issues during live broadcast, timezone problems with your viewers, etc.

Here's a video showing how it works...


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