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WHY I Started Dropshipping…

Okay, I supposed to create a personal video and talk about this but I spent most of my time adding products to my brand new store called Brewed Wonders. In case you love coffee like I do, you might wanna check​​ it out…So back to the question, why did I decide to start dropshipping when I’m […]

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Creating A Store that Updates Itself…

…plus comes with a lot of cool features! Affiliate marketing is the EASIEST way to earn online because you don’t have to worry about product creation, shipping, customer support, and all those crazy stuff. The only hard part is the creation of the review site, adding affiliate products, and updating things when they needed. But today, you don’t […]

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Our frustration on PLDT customer service…

I’m posting this article in a net shop because so far, we still don’t have connection at home…So here’s the story… After having PLDT fiber last year, we’re so happy to finally have a fast internet connection. That was after a long wait actually. As an internet marketer working at home, this is a great relief from […]

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[Ep. 45] Facebook 3D Photo

Before we begin, I want you do take a look at the following 3D photo I posted on my page…Cool, right? That’s a relatively new thing you can now post on Facebook. And previously, it was only available on iPhone 7 plus and later. Thankfully, you can now create something like that directly from your desktop.  But […]

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Kyvio Review – Funnel, Blog, Membership, Email, Affiliate, & Support

In digital marketing, you need tools for funnels and landing pages, blog, membership site, email marketing, affiliate center, and support area. Normally, you need different tools for each of these. But with the tools, like Clickfunnels, Kajabi, and Kartra, you can now have all of them in one single place. However, the solutions I mentioned comes with hefty […]

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