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An Easy Tool for Creating Stop Motion Videos?

If you remember, we released Stop Motion Xpress, over a month ago. This was a collection of ready-made stop motion videos. This is my very first product that’s mainly a collection of video stocks and no longer a training. The reason was the creation of stop motion videos is somewhat complicated and it’s relatively hard to […]

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Improving Voice for Video Presentations

It has been my struggle since I started placing myself in front of a camera and recording presentations on how to deliver my communication more fluid. It’s always very rough and I just usually spend hours editing my recorded training or sales videos. That’s why I’ve been planning to enroll to a training on how to improve […]

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Ep. 11 – UpVid is HERE!

I revealed UpVid to you in Episode 10 last week… and now it’s finally HERE! I started talking about this in Episode 7 and told you that this is now where our business is headed.  Like most of you, I’ve been buying products after products in the past and also had a “shiny object syndrome.” And you and […]

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Ep. 9 – Bring your IMAGE to LIFE

Have you ever wanted to turn your still image into an elegant looping video? That’s what you’ll exactly learn in this episode.But before even learning how to do this, you might have some questions… – Do you even need this? Where can use this anyway? – Is this just similar with Cinemagraph? If not, what’s the difference? – What […]

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Mushroom VS. Tree (Fast VS. Long Term Result)

There are many applications of this in growing your business but I wanna focus more in email marketing this time. Now email marketing might NOT sound sexy anymore (it’s nothing new right?) but believe me, it’s VERY important in any business. And if you’re still not doing email marketing, you NEED to start doing it now. You don’t […]

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Ep. 6 – NEW Social Proof Conversion Strategy

I’m currently setting up my sales pages for our upcoming launch StopMotionXpress and I’m changing the way social proof is done.Thankfully, I found a tool that allows me to do what I just wanted. In today’s episode, I talked about this… Things mentioned in the video:ConvertproofStopMotionXpress Monthly Club Private Deal Get Notified When A NEW […]

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