Video Creation Portfolio

Below are my handpicked sample videos from the ones I created throughout those years..

Profit Triggers Teaser

I created this teaser of this app based on the script given by the client.

Hyundai Reina Walkthough

A local Hyundai manager shot raw video walkthrough for their new car Reina and asked me to edit it. This is what I come up with.

PayFast Ecommerce Virtual Summit

They asked me to create a video they will showcase in this summit and this is what I came up with.

The Residences At Brent Promo

I created this with a team and I was responsible for editing the video. 

Real Estate Promo of Chayne

This is a video I shot and edited for my friend Chayne. The video got him lots of sales, even as a new real estate agent at that time (he's now a real estate broker.

ESL Video

This is an ESL video I directed, shot, and edited, after they gave me the script.

Copyfunnels Teaser

Just a short teaser I created for this app.

Warrick's Ecommerce Social Video

Warrick asked me to add a headline and add captions to this video for him to post on Facebook. There's a lot of videos like this I created for him but this is just a sample I chose.

Whitly's Youtube/Podcast Intro

Whitly came to me and asked me to create an intro for her podcast and Youtube channel. I asked for her photos and after combining them together, she got so excited with the outcome.

Medicine Student Project

This is a school project I edited for students that won the award in their film contest. Except for the intro, I edited everything :)

My Own Youtube Videos

Aside from creating videos for clients, I also make my own videos, reviewing apps, giving video marketing tips and all that. You can see them all in my Youtube channel.

AnimatedFlat2.0 Sales Video

I created this sales video for my animated elements collection product. I wrote the script and ordered a voice over from Fiverr then created this explainer video.

Sales Video Bootcamp 

This is a video I did for a bootcamp. Needless to say, I did everything here from writing the script, recording the video, until editing.

Ecommerce Video Ads

(NOTE: These are not my personal clients, but videos I did for a marketing agency)