Your OLD Video Marketing Tricks NO LONGER WORK!

DISCOVER How You Can Exponentially GROW Your Business By Telling Your Story Through VLOGGING, Even If You're Not Good in Talking in Front of A Camera

Watch the following video to learn why your video marketing efforts are no longer working and why VLOGGING is the FUTURE...

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Business vlogging is a paradigm shift which, once again, empowers smaller businesses just as much as bigger businesses, or maybe even more.


So if you think vlogging is just for kids or travelers out there… think again...

Hi, I'm Cham Altatis...

I’m a video guy turned internet marketer, and I’ve been helping small business owners to promote their products and services through videos for over 5 years now.

And after learning, trying, and teaching everything about using videos for business, I can now say that vlogging is the future of video marketing.

Traditional Marketing Videos DON'T Work Anymore!

If 5 years ago you can do away with paid talking head actors or fake spokespersons, they no longer work today.

People are no longer stupid and they know it when you just hired someone from Fiverr to glorify your products and services. 

Today, it’s all about being GENUINE, HONEST, and TRUSTWORTHY.

And you can easily do this by starting your own business vlog. If you want to get ahead of the game and get results for long term, you should start vlogging.

Vlogging Gave Exponential Growth to Businesses...

A great example here is the case study of Gary Vaynerchuck

You probably know his vlogging program, which features his daily life talking to employees, meeting with clients, travelling for work, and speaking in conferences. 

But before this, he first rose to stardom through WineLibraryTV, a vlog about his father’s wine business, increasing it from a $3 million to a $60 million business.

Another great one is Nas...

And you probably watched a lot of his vlogs on Facebook. We all know him as a great vlogger, talking about his travel around the world...

But before getting success in vlogging, he also started 3 different businesses that all failed.

After learning all the lessons from his failures, he bought a camera and started vlogging.

He called his vlog Nas Daily and it was a massive success.

But, Will Vlogging Work for You As Well?

Seeing those 2 examples, you might be thinking that this only works for them because they are big already and your business is just small.

Actually, there are already lots of small business owners out there that you probably never heard of, but are getting great success in vlogging.

From an author to a chocolate producer, to an interior designer, lawyer, parenting coach, beautician, and martial artist – we can already see vloggers from all walks of life.

So whoever you are and whatever you do, vlogging is actually for you...

What is Vlogging? Why is it So Effective in Growing Your Business?

Well, compared to traditional sales videos that just have a tone of “buy me… buy me” all the time, vlogs are story telling videos.

And stories are proven to increase sales in business.

Paul Smith, author of a bestselling book Sell With A Story, provided 6 ways on how stories can increase sales...

Stories help build strong relationships

It just almost magically builds trust, which is the foundation of good relationships. And it does so by providing a personal, intimate, and even vulnerable glimpse into your world. Reading facts in your resume doesn’t really let someone know you. And spending enough time together can take months or years. A story is the shortest distance between being a stranger and a friend. And once you build that good relationship with your audience and gain their trust, you can almost sell just pretty much everything to them. 

Stories speak to part of the brain where decisions are actually made

Much of the cognitive science in the past 2 decades, tells us that human being makes subconscious, emotional, and sometimes irrational decisions in one place in the brain. And then justify those decisions rationally and logically in another place.
So if you’re trying to influence buyers’ decisions, using facts and rational arguments alone aren’t enough. You need to influence them emotionally. And stories are your best vehicle to do that. 

Stories make it easier for your buyers to remember you, your ideas, and your product

Many studies show that facts are easier to remember if you embed it to a story. 

Storytelling increases the value of the product you are selling

In July 2009, journalist Rob Walker and author Josh Glenn conducted a remarkable experiment. They purchased 100 ordinary items from thrift stores and garage sales: a jar of marble, a meat thermometer, a wooden mallet, a toy pink horse, etc. Each item cost, on average, $1.29. 

Then they asked volunteers to write short, fictional stories about each item. Walker and Glenn then placed each item for sale on ebay. But instead of putting a simple description next to the picture of each item, they put only the fictional story written for it.

Within 5 months, all 100 items had been sold. They originally paid a total of $128 for the items. But the resale price paid on ebay totaled $3,612, or a 2,800% increase in value. In the words of Walker and Glenn, their experiment showed, that narrative transforms insignificant objects into significant ones. In other words, stories turn cheap objects into valuable ones

Stories are contagious

Make a great sales pitch and it stays in the room where you made it. But when you tell a great story, it can travel around the world. And that’s useful. Because you can rarely get the decision makers in a room together. You need your message to spread on its own.

It works because a typical sales presentation isn’t very exciting. You see, you rarely hear people say, “Wow, I never believe the sales video I just saw!” But people talk about a good story all the time.

Your buyers want more stories from you

Forrester Research conducted a study in 2013 asking 319 executive level buyers in North America and Europe how frequently the sales people who call on them are prepared in certain ways. The buyers responded that 62% of the time, the salespeople were knowledgeable about the company and products they represented. 42% of the time, they were knowledgeable about the buyer's industry.

But only 21% of the time, the lowest in the survey, did they have relevant examples or case studies to share. In other words, only one in five sales calls include enough stories to satisfy the buyer. 

So if you want the easiest way to stand out from the rest of your competitors, start telling stories of your products or services through vlogging...

And for you to LEARN how to CREATE EFFECTIVE VLOGS for your BUSINESS, and craft your business stories that you will publish to the world, I’m inviting you to enroll in...

This is my step by step guide for business owners like you, whatever your business is, on how to create HIGHLY engaging business vlogs that your audience are craving to watch.

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let's talk about the elephant in the room

And I can already hear most of you saying...

“Nah, this is not for me,

I’m not good in talking front of a camera

I don’t look good  - I have a face for the radio

I don’t have a good accent…”

That's what I thought as well...

If you’re saying those things right now, I can actually relate with you because these are all the things I’m thinking back then.

You know, I’m just an ordinary Asian dude from the Philippines, which is a 3rd word country.

My voice is not so good and my accent is even worse.

I used to work behind the camera and computer as a video editor, and talking in front of a camera is just not my thing.

That’s why in my first online videos, I was hiring narrators, or at most, just do screencapture videos, because I wanted to hide.

But when I finally tried vlogging and showed my face to the world, I realized I’m not really as bad as I thought I am.

And it’s not really that hard and I realized I was just making a lot of excuses.

I then continued to vlog with my face and I was able to connect with my audience in a more personal level.

I was able to grow my online business even more, not to mention it became more fun and fulfilling.

Actually, Even Nas Himself Struggled Even More From These Things Before, Which He Talked About in One of His Vlogs…

(NOTE: Make sure to turn up the volume once you play the video)

This vlog really inspired me and I actually almost cried when I first watched it. I hope it will inspire you too...

So My Advice to You is, STOP HIDING My Friend!

Vlogging is about telling your story and connecting with your audience in a personal level.

That means, your looks doesn’t really matter that much.

As long as you have a story to tell, that’s all that matters.

But Do You Really Have to Show Your Face When You Vlog?

Well, not really. You can also create narrative vlogs if you want, but I can say from experience that people can connect with you more if they see you yourself talking to them.

You can also tell your stories using animation, like what The Infographics Show is doing.

But only do this if you can create professional animations.

So if you ask me, doing talking head videos is still a lot easier.

How About Us Non-English Speakers?

Let me also talk about something that I know, non-English speakers like, are thinking.

And that is – "I don’t speak well in English so I can’t do this."

Truth is, I don’t either but I do it anyway.

And in my experience, your content is all that matters and the way you talk is just secondary.

But okay, let’s say you really can’t speak in English well...

Then just use the language that you are comfortable with and vlog in your place, right?

In fact, that’s one thing I also started to do, which is vlogging about doing internet marketing in the Philippines.

At here in my vlog, of course, I'm speaking in Tagalog because my audience are Filipinos.

And this is something you can do as well.

How About the Equipment & Skillset Needed for Creating Vlogs?

Truth is, as long as you have a smartphone, you can already afford to vlog. Vlogging is not about creating the best quality video ever. In fact, people can relate more with simple selfie videos.

And You Can Always LEARN (NO Excuses)...

See, Peter McKinnon’s dad, even in his age, started his very own vlog.

And you might say well, good for him because he has a Youtuber son.

But actually, he didn’t consult his son but just started by himself.

If this amazing dad started a vlog in his age, what’s your excuse, right?

So Instead of Making Excuses, Start Learning How to Vlog for Your Business Right Now!

Need a step by step guide in crafting amazing stories, shooting and editing your videos, and then publishing them for the world to see?

That my friend is what Vlogr is all about!

  • Vlogging ESSENTIALS
  • Vlogging for A Local Business
  • Vlogging for Digital Products
  • "Hollywood Style" Story Telling
  • Visual Story Telling
  • Greenscreen Vlogging
  • Vlogging Animated Graphics Pack
  • Animated Characters & Backgrounds

What's Inside Vlogr?

To ensure your success in vlogging for your business, whoever you are and whatever your situation is, I included amazing MODULES and LESSONS plus BONUSES.

Watch the following demo video and I'll walk you through the members area...


Module 1 is all about the essentials of vlogging. I talked about what is vlogging really and how to plan for a business vlog. Here, I also added my interview with a local business owner that includes how I coached him to vlog for his business.


This is actually the heart of this program. In this module, I showed how to structure a story for vlogs - this is what Hollywood movies are using for effective story-telling. I also talked about elements of an effective story and on how to deliver them in a vlog.


Although vlogging is not really about creating an award winning video, learning the things of video production and visual story telling can really help in creating vlogs that work. This module is packed with technical topics but I presented them in a fun way (because vlogging should be FUN!)


I thought of making Vlogr even SEXIER so I also added bonuses. Here, I showed how to vlog using greenscreen talking head video (in case that's something they want to do), I added a vlogging animated graphics pack and showed how to add them to their vlogs, and also added animated characters and backgrounds, which can be used as animated B-rolls, or even a full animated vlog.


Vlogr is just packed with AMAZING modules and bonuses, that can surely get your started and help you along the way in successfully vlogging for your business.

And through this, you can connect with your audience better and have exponential growth in your business.

You can easily stand out from your competitors, have long-term results, and most of all, finally make your business fun and fulfilling.

See What the Members Are Telling About Vlogr...

Chin Leong Toh

Business Coach & Author

Chayne Moling

Real Estate Broker & Appraiser

Johnie tidwell

video producer

"I just went through the Vlogr course. Great course put together here. The course is accessible to the novice and even professional video producers can take their video marketing to the next level. If I never went to film school or worked in the field - this would be the course to take to learn the fundamentals of video making/vlogging."

So How Much is Vlogr?

And when I first had this idea of creating a step-by-step guide on vlogging for business, I was thinking just doing it as a consultation service to companies and charge them like $1000.

But I realized I will only be able to help a few companies if I do so.

I then just decided to create an entire course around it and let more people come in to learn on how to vlog for their business.

And with all the valuable things I’m showing inside that can really give exponential growth to businesses, I’m thinking of charging an enrollment fee of $497, which I’ll soon do actually.

But I want to help as many business owners as possible so for a limited time, I decided to open this at a ridiculously affordable price that you can see below...

Get access for 3 gives of ONLY $37

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Your purchase is covered by my 30-day money back guarantee. 

If after watching all the lessons, you’ll not learn anything at all within 30 days, just contact me and I’ll refund your money.

So just click the button below and enroll now, before I switch this to my regular pricing...

Get access for 3 gives of ONLY $37

or one-time fee of $97 and SAVE!

You Can't Let this Go!

And if you’re thinking to let this pass, you will end up going back to traditional video marketing strategies that no longer work.

Your competitors will then learn to vlog and you will be left behind.

You don’t want this to happen to you so better join us now.

I want you to build better relationship with your audience and grow your business exponentially for long term, while having fun at the same time.

And you can surely achieve all these, by enrolling in Vlogr.

So just click the button below to enroll now and I will see you in the members’ area...

Get access for 3 gives of ONLY $37

or one-time fee of $97 and SAVE!

To Your Success,

Cham Altatis


Q Is this newbie friendly?

I created the training with the beginners in mind, so yeah, this is surely a newbie friendly.

Q I'm already a pro video creator, do I still need this?

Because you're already good in creating videos, you probably know already the things I taught in Module 3. But vlogging is beyond just creating videos technically. This is all about crafting videos with engaging story. So yeah, you still actually need this.

Q Do I need professional cameras & software to follow along?

No. As long as you have a smartphone, you can already follow along and afford to vlog.

Q I'm not good in talking in front of a camera, will this work for me?

I'm not either but I'm successfully vlogging, so yeah, I'm your BEST teacher for this.

Q Can you guarantee my success?

As long as you apply the strategies inside, your success is 99.9% guaranteed. But if you just watch the training videos and do nothing, of course nothing will happen as well.

Just take note that success in vlogging is NOT overnight. So if you're thinking of instant success, go and buy a lottery ticket - who knows, it might be your lucky day.

Q Can you help me when I get stuck?

Absolutely! We have a private FB group where you can hangout with me and other members, for us to help you when have concerns.

Q Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes I have. Although I truly believe that you'll learn a lot inside, if in 30 days you'll not learn anything at all, just contact me and I will refund your money.


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