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We don't just provide video creation services "blindly."

Rather, we first learn your business/profession and target market, then provide the BEST video style that works best for you.


Explainer Videos

Talking Head w/ Graphics

You record your talking head video and send the raw video to us.

We will then "clean" your video then add B-rolls, animations, graphics, and texts.

We will also add a color grading when needed.

It's also great if you send us a copy of your script

Pricing: Starts at $50 per minute of video length

Animated Explainer

Send us your voice over and script and we will create the video for you.

We can also get your voice over recorded by a professional narrator but we will ask for additional fee for that.

We may also ask for some materials from you like images, logo, etc.

Pricing: Starts at $75 per minute of video length

Social Videos

Video Wrapper & Caption

We will add a wrapper and captions to your video. 

This is good for Facebook and Instagram

Note that video editing is not included here. If ever, we will just do basic cleaning.

Pricing: Starts at $15 per minute of video length

Youtube Vlog Editing

You send us your raw video then we will do some cleaning, and add some b-rolls and texts.

Send us also your ready-made video bumber (logo reveal) and lower thirds that we will use for your vlog. If you still don't have these, we can create that for you (see below).


Option 1: Starts at $10 per minute of video length

Option 2: $297 per month and we will edit 4 of your vlogs per month. If you subscribe here, we will also make you a logo reveal, lower thirds, subscribe button, and design your Youtube channel cover, as BONUSES.

Video Teaser

Pricing: Starts at $50

Video Branding

Video Bumper

Lower Thirds

Pricing: Starts at $50

Here's What Our Previous Clients Are Saying...

Warrick Kernes

CEO and Lead eCommerce Expert


Whitly Jane

The Get Inspired Show

You are so great. Big thank you.

Every time I watch this video https://youtu.be/tijXfLqXE8s, I get the biggest smile of the stage dives and the sea of people in the crowd. Wish me luck as I promote to my 8-k linked followers. 90% are digital marketing agencies. Perfect to engage one on one.


You are like a gift from HEAVEN! LOL

Way cool Cham!! You got a lot done and it looks really great! I love the graphics too! It makes me happy I took the time to have a professional design done in the beginning because it helps keep things neat, tidy and consistent!

Thanks much! 

ANNIE BERRYHILL  //  The Bold, Brave, & Sassy Show

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