Create Your SIGNATURE High Converting Sales Video in the Next 5 Days... NO Experience or Skills Required!

Launches on March 29 @11AM EST


This is an IMPLEMENTATION-based program wherein members will be put in a community with like-minded people and you will be motivated and held accountable to finally finish your high converting signature sales video.

Here's how it works...

Everyday in 5 days, I will just give a short video instruction, showing what they will accomplish that day (which they can finish in at least 30 minutes).

We will go through the following process...

Day 1

Get clarity on who you are, your audience, and the result you want your audience to achieve.

Day 2

Structure your content.

Day 3

Record your video.

Day 4

Edit your video.

Day 5

Finalize your video and publish it.

Day 6

Bonus Zoom Webinar on how to drive QUALITY traffic to your sales video. Needless to say, this is the HIGHLIGHT of this bootcamp!

Awesome Bonuses!

I really want you to become successful in creating your signature sales video so whatever doubts and fears you're thinking why you can't do this, I got you covered...


Faceless Sales Video

Although I HIGHLY recommend creating a talking head video to build rapport and display your personality, I understand that not everyone is ready for that just yet. If this is you, I have this bonus showing you options in creating a sales video without having to show your face.


Video Creation Outsourcing

No time to edit your video and don't enjoy this techy stuff? I will show you the RIGHT way to outsource the editing of your video plus the best places to do so.


Video Creation Resources

Whether you will decide to do your video yourself or outsource it, I added video creation resources for your reference. This includes content structure template, visual story telling, shooting a talking head video, and video editing fundamentals.

Grand Prize Contest!

One-on-one Video Messaging & Content Coaching

Yes we also have a contest and the winner of the grand prize will have a one-on-one session with me and we will craft your entire video messaging and content!

Here's what they will get with the

Sales Video Bootcamp


5-day Sales Video Bootcamp

You'll get daily short video training that you can implement right away until you finish your signature sales video.

$197 Value


QUALITY Video Traffic Webinar

At the end of the bootcamp, we will have a Zoom Webinar and I'll show you how to attract QUALITY traffic that you can bring to your sales video.

$297 Value


Video Creation Resources

Whatever you  need to craft your content, shoot your video, edit your video, and outsource your video creation, everything is inside.

$197 Value


Chance to win a one-on-one coaching

The more you implement the action plan in this bootcamp, the more chances you have to win a one-on-one coaching with me and we will craft your video messaging and content.




5-day Sales Video Bootcamp

A 5-day implementation-based program where members are given things to accomplish everyday until they finish their signature high converting video.




A complete training on how to edit videos using Filmora X.



Kreate Beta

My flagship signature program on transforming unknown entrepreneurs into authority in their industry using the power of videos.


Contact me if you need help with anything concerning this launch...

Cham Altatis