How Unknown Entrepreneurs Are Using Unique Strategies to Create High Converting Sales Videos Without Being Too Salesy

WHY Traditional Sales Videos DON'T WORK

So the usual sales video script goes this way...

Get attention... introduce yourself... relate with your audience's problem... agitate the pain... yada... yada...

Then you probably bought a software with done-for-you sales video templates, to save you time and energy in creating your sales video, right?

Well, you are a smart person, and you are working smart instead of working hard, like what a motivational video asked you to do so you did so.

However, it's your "trying to be smart" that causes you to create sales videos that just don't work. 

If you watch the sales videos of those products that are crushing it, they don't follow the scripts taught by gurus out there.

Check the sales video of Clickfunnels and they didn't start by getting attention and you never see Russel Branson (the founder) introducing himself in the video.

The same is true with Wistia. Well, the founders appeared in the later part of the video, but they did not follow the usual structure of introducing yourself after getting attention.

What they did rather is created their own unique style, and there's no doubt that their sales video is working so well.

What if you could do the same thing?

And no, you don't have to go through the commonly taught process of researching on your audience and then speaking their "language" in your video - that's NOT what successful thought leaders are doing.

What if you can bring out the message you really wanna say, and choose the audience you wanna work with?

Then you can create your unique spin of audio-visuals that go with your message.

And in doing so, you will become a Leader and Authority in your industry, because your followers can never find anyone like you.

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How Unknown Entrepreneurs Are Using Unique Strategies to Create High Converting Sales Videos Without Being Too Salesy

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