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A day in a life

of a  video marketer.

1. You read on Hubspot that a video on a sales page can increase the conversion up to 80%, so you’re inspired to create your own sales video.

2. You researched on your audience well and listed down their pains and struggles like what your mentor taught you to do.

3. You searched for a video script template on Google and found a “fill-in-the-blank” one so you downloaded it and well, you filled in the blank - easy peasy.

4. It’s time to create the video but you don’t like to show your face on camera and you don’t like to record your own voice either.

5. Ah, you remembered… the video app you got for only $47 has a text-to-speech feature with ready-made characters, so why not use it?

6. Bam, your video is done in just 5 minutes.

7. You’re about to upload the video but you remembered that you can also use another video app and in just 3 clicks, you can render 3D animations to make your video very engaging.

8. You then added blockbuster 3D logo, transitions, and graphics to your video and it looked really exciting.

9. You then uploaded the video and finally published it in your sales page.

10. You have high hopes because the vendor of the app you used showed a lot of proofs that if you use their template, your video can reach the moon.

11. You then went to sleep imagining the amount of $$$ you will see when you wake up in the morning. You even dreamed about.

12. You woke up and the first thing you did is to grab your phone and excited to see how much you did in the very first day. I mean, it should be a lot because you used that script template and the template from the video app...

13. You immediately logged in to check... Zero... Nadda... What? Wait a minute, maybe the internet is disconnected so you restarted and refreshed everything... Nah, there's really nothing.

14. You almost wanna smash your phone for frustration. I mean, what did you do wrong? You followed all the steps so it should work.

15. You’re thinking the author of Hubspot probably lied.

It's not your fault...

With all the hypes from video creation platforms popping out every single day plus a gazillion of information online on how to create marketing videos, it really gets confusing and overwhelming, right?

Truth is, they are just overcomplicating it. How about let's go back to basics and focus only on what matters...

Hey there Cham Altatis here...

And after creating multiple sales videos for myself and my clients during the last 10 years...

May it be for a service or a product, a physical product or a digital product, it all comes down to 2 things - right messaging and quality audio-visuals.

How successful marketers are crushing it with their unique signature sales video

So we've been taught that to create a sales video, we need to research on our target audience then based on that research, we follow the following script...

Start with a hook... introduce yourself... relate with your audience by mentioning their pains and struggles you got from your research... yada... yada...

But if you watch the sales videos of successful products like Clickfunnels, Thrivethemes, and Wistia, they did not follow that format at all!

Instead, they created their own unique signature sales video...

What if you can do the same?

Yes you can! All you have to do is bring out your own unique voice in your message.

That means you should not just rely on those fill-in-the-blank script templates out there.

Then you can add quality audio-visuals that show what your message is all about.

And there's no magic software that you can get to produce this kind of sales video.

Information alone

is not enough.

If you search "how to make a sales video" on Google or Youtube, you can surely find lots and lots of information there. But if these information is just free and available out there, why is it that not everyone is crushing it with videos?

Well, this only shows that information alone is not enough for you to become successful (plus add the fact that not every information you see out there are actually helpful).

You need the right environment, community surrounded with like-minded people, motivation, accountability, and resources.

That's why I put together this...


Now this is not another yet video creation course because I know you don't like to watch a 10-hour long video.

Rather, this is an IMPLEMENTATION-based program wherein you will be put in a community with like-minded people and you will be motivated and held accountable to finally finish your high converting signature sales video.

Here's how it works...

Everyday in 5 days, I will just give you a short video instruction, showing to you what will you accomplish that day (which you can finish in at least 30 minutes).

We will go through the following process...

Day 1

Get clarity on who you are, your audience, and the result you want your audience to achieve.

Day 2

Structure your content.

Day 3

Record your video.

Day 4

Edit your video.

Day 5

Finalize your video and publish it.

Day 6

Bonus Zoom Webinar on how to drive QUALITY traffic to your sales video. Needless to say, this is the HIGHLIGHT of this bootcamp!

Awesome Bonuses!

I really want you to become successful in creating your signature sales video so whatever doubts and fears you're thinking why you can't do this, I got you covered...


Shoot Talking Head Videos Like A Pro

(Valued @47)

You don't need professional gears to shoot a professional looking talking head video. In this bonus lesson, you will discover visual techniques that make your video look professional, even if you're only using your smartphone.


Video Creation Outsourcing

(Valued @47)

No time to edit your video and don't enjoy this techy stuff? I will show you the RIGHT way to outsource the editing of your video plus the best places to do so.


HUGE Animated Elements Collection

(Valued @297)

That video is just one of the many categories of animated elements you can get from this collection. This in itself is being sold as a product but you can grab it as a bonus to this bootcamp!

Grand Prize Contest!

One-on-one Video Messaging & Content Coaching

Yes we also have a contest and the winner of the grand prize will have a one-on-one session with me and we will craft your entire video messaging and content!

Here's what you'll get with the

Sales Video Bootcamp


5-day Sales Video Bootcamp

You'll get daily short video training that you can implement right away until you finish your signature sales video.

$197 Value


QUALITY Video Traffic Webinar

At the end of the bootcamp, we will have a Zoom Webinar and I'll show you how to attract QUALITY traffic that you can bring to your sales video.

$297 Value


Video Creation Resources

Whatever you  need to craft your content, shoot your video, edit your video, and outsource your video creation, everything is inside.

$197 Value


Chance to win a one-on-one coaching

The more you implement the action plan in this bootcamp, the more chances you have to win a one-on-one coaching with me and we will craft your video messaging and content.




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Sounds fair?

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To your success,

Cham Altatis


Do I have to do a talking head video in this bootcamp?

Although I highly recommend that you do, it's not necessary. In fact I added a bonus that shows how to create a faceless sales video.

What if I'm not techy enough in creating videos?

The good news is, creating videos is a learnable skill and there are resources inside on how to shoot and edit your videos. Another option is to outsource the the editing part, which again, there's a resource inside on how to do that properly.

Do I have to follow the daily schedule?

If you want to do things on your own pace, that's fine. However, because this is an implementation-based program, I recommend following the daily schedule and I'll reward those who will do.

Will this work on the ecommerce niche?

Yes, although you need to adjust things on your content.