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Tuesday Special Ep. 1 – Your BIG Leap

Alright, I’m excited to talk about something awesome in this very first Tuesday special! This is all about your BIG leap from your comfort zone to where you wanna be. If you currently have a stressful 9 to 5 job, you BIG leap should be to leave that job and finally start your own business. If […]

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NEW Tuesday Special (Plus Updates and Announcements)

I chose this day to connect with you every week because it’s the best day to get your attention so I can help you better.And before anything else, let me start with some…Changes I’ll Make for the Courses You Enrolled InLast January, I subscribed to Kajabi and Paykickstart to give you the best platform possible […]

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Our Epic Refunder

First off, I’m sorry for not posting blogs for a while now… And now that I’m back, I wanna make an “epic” post about our experience after someone requested for a refund after she purchased Mobile Video Boss. The time I’m writing this, we are still in the middle of the launch and my goal was to repeat […]

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Why Hustling Will NOT Make You Successful

We’ve been taught that as long as you work really hard, you will surely become successful. But while working hard is great, it does not always lead you to success. In fact, you might spend a lot of time and energy, and even invest a considerable amount of money into something, only to find out it […]

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How to Use Failures and Limitations to Fuel Your Business Ventures

Failures and limitations are negative things. But if you look at them from another perspective, you can use them to fuel your business ventures to achieve success.Let’s start with Limitations I already talked about overcoming the limitation of time and money in achieving your goals. As I already said in those posts, the methods I showed are […]

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Why I’m Reviewing More of Others’ Products This Month

Okay, I know I already said I’ll minimize in promoting affiliate products starting this year. And as you noticed, I haven’t promoted any affiliate products last month. So why is it that I’ll review more of others’ products this month? Am I breaking from my promise? Not really. In fact, I have to deny some marketers who reached […]

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