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The New Normal Calls for Virtual Education

Even before the pandemic, the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion by 2025 (Forbes). According to stats, the market almost doubled in a decade. A few years ago, it's called "a billion-dollar industry no one is talking about."

Today, because of the need for social distancing, even formal education is required to shift to virtual. No wonder why this industry is rising really fast today!

But who are you to teach?

If you're thinking that you're not qualified to teach because you don't have a degree, you're not an expert in your skill, there's a lot of people out there who are better than you, you don't have any special skills, and the list goes on... STOP right there!

Truth is, these are just limiting beliefs that not necessarily true. 

You don't have to be an expert or the best in a skill you're going to teach

Because even if you only know the basics, someone who knows nothing still wants to learn from you. In fact, if you only know the basics, it's a lot easier for you to teach total beginners because you can easily go with their level.

What if you don't have any special skills to teach?

While online teachers usually teach special skills like health and fitness, cooking, personal development, etc., they are not the only ones you can teach.

Think of experiences such as becoming a mother, pregnancy, single parenting, overcoming addiction, and a lot more, just to give you ideas. 

Okay great, but you're totally unknown and you don't have that much capital?

I hear you and I can personally relate to this because this is exactly my situation when I was about to release my very first course. I was even so worried because English is not my first language and I was about to teach small business owners in the US and other Western countries on how to make videos to promote their business.

When my course was launched, it earned over $26K and I got a lot of positive feedback from my students. So said to myself, "I should have done this earlier."

A lot of people are waiting for you to help them

Truth is, there are lots of people out there waiting for you to help them and they are willing to pay for it. All you have to do is to start creating courses right now!

But how?

Well, creating and launching online courses is not really as easy as 1, 2, 3 like what others are saying, just to sell you their app. However, it's not a rocket science either.

So you have various options...

You can spend days in watching Youtube videos and reading articles from multiple authors, then try to learn things in your own. Then, you can do things yourself and learn as you go. While this can work, it can take you a lot of time and energy to figure out what works, not to mention you can waste a lot of money spending on solutions that won't work well.

Another option is to spend thousands to enroll in a guru's course (I spent $2000 in a single course myself) and learn how a "master" does it. But wait, remember that you'll not only spend for the enrollment fee but also for the tools you need. If you have a big fat budget, this might work. But if you're still beginning in this field, you might lose more than you can gain.

So instead of those options, I wanna show what I can do to help you out, without you having to spend to much time in trying to do things yourself, or spend too much money in paying a guru to teach you how to do this...

Introducing Course Genesis!

This is a transformational challenge that forces you to become successful in creating and launching a successful online course in 30 days or less!

And to help you teach your students from the comfort of your home during this new normal, this program also comes with a video conferencing webinar app.

Introducing ThriveMeet!

The app is still on beta but you can now use it to do video conferencing and webinar for up to 15 participants. We are now working on increasing the limit of participants to up to 100 and even 1000 in the coming months. Live streaming to multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn) will be added soon as well.

Special offer! Enroll now at ONLY $97!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After signing up, you'll get access to a beautiful members area that gives you the best experience possible. And to let you focus on a single lesson and activity at a time (and not get overwhelmed by too many things), the modules are drip feed to you every day.

Beautiful Members Area

A sleek members area is waiting for you to give you the best personalized learning, activities, and goals.

Friendly & Personalized Learning

For you not to be overwhelmed you with too much information and activities, the modules are drip fed to you based on your schedule.

Application based learning

The challenge is composed of complete and comprehensive modules with workshops to let you apply what you're learning. This way, you'll not just have theories but apply what you're learning right away until you reach your goals.

Go with the latest trends

During this new normal, the trend is on video conferencing and live streaming. Thus, we also added ThriveMeet app that you can use to do webinars, one-on-one or group coaching, and even live streaming (this feature is coming soon).

Here’s what people are saying...

I started teaching online course creation and launching a few years ago (named it Online Course X but now changed it to Course Genesis) and here's what my students said after going over the program...

Jose Marques

CEO | Quantum Internet Media

I have been taking the training and my experience has been amazing.

The videos are short and to the point which I love since I can go through them quickly and take action right away. The way the course is structured does not get you overwhelmed but allows you to keep on working to complete the training. Great training.

Bob (Mr. Opus)

CEO | Webinarstar

Cham always delivers well prepared course.

Especially this course was just what I have expected and fully satisfied. He left all of his experience about making an online course. I can design and build my perfect own online course!

Bill McBride


I like the way Cham delivers his course material for online e-learning creation.

I like video learning and Cham's video lessons were sweet, short and superb. Cham took this whole process of creating an online course and broke it down into easy to follow steps. I especially like how he taught me how to do my personal financial projecting about how many students I'd need to reach my income, my goals for targeting and lead capture and what I wanted to earn first, so that I knew where I was heading with my course creation goals. His training on "course outlining" was again very clear and easy to follow.

What you're getting inside my comprehensive course creation & launching challenge...

Course Genesis is a 6-module, step-by-step training and workshop that walks you through the complete process of creating and launching online courses successfully!


Module 1: Your "Why" & Predictable Sales Goal

Beginning with the end in mind is one of the habits of highly effective people (Stephen Covey). We will apply this by identifying first you"why" in launching courses. Then we will calculate your predictable sales goal that is within your reach.


Module 2: You & Your Students

This is a powerful workshop that brings out your "super powers" that matches what your students want to learn from you. Then we will go through a process of digging deeper into understanding your prospective students' wants and needs so you can align your course content for them.


Module 3: Crafting Your Course Content

Once you understand all the needs and wants of your prospective students, you can then craft the content of your course. We will go through workshops in crafting your main topic, creating an effective course outline, until naming your course itself.


Module 4: Sell Your Course Before You Make It

You don't have to wait for your course to be finished for you to earn from it. You can start selling your course before even making it. This module shows you how.


Module 5: Choosing Your Course Delivery

We're now in a "new normal world" and the way to deliver course content is changing. While the usual membership delivery is still there, you also need to use the trendy ways like video conferencing and live streaming (these are nothing new but they are even more useful today). That's why we added ThriveMeet app here that you can use for these purposes. We will take a look at various content delivery options for you to see what works best for your course.


Module 6: Launching & Marketing Your Course

Building your course and school is one thing. Launching and marketing it is another. Here, we will go through everything from getting leads, running ads, vlogging, and more!


Bonuses for you if you jump in today!

To remove all the barriers for you in creating and launching online courses successfully, I also added awesome bonuses for you...

Bonus 1
Social Video Ads

With this bonus, you don't have to enroll to another FB ad course to learn how to promote your course on Facebook.

This is a complete Facebook video ads guide that I released before but you can have access to it for free if you enroll today.

Bonus 2

Video is the most used medium for teaching online. You will soon find yourself creating live action action videos and/or screen capture videos. 

Through this program, you will learn how to create videos for your courses, using Camtasia. But even if you'll not use Camtasia, the principles can be applied to any other similar software.

Bonus 3

This is my program on how to vlog for your business. Vlogging is a powerful way to tell stories about your brand, business, yourself, and your course.

Thus, this is a great way to soft sell your course for long term.

About The Course Teacher,
Cham Altatis

Cham is a B.S. in Development Communication graduate, majored Educational Communication. After college, he took several jobs like Call Center Representative, Video Editor, University Instructor, then became a freelance Video Services Provider and Internet Marketer.

He launched his very first course in 2016, that earned over $26K. He is still continually launching courses, helping small business owners around the world to grow their business through videos and internet.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Adam Payne

Youtube Marketing Expert

Cham is one of my favourite product creators. Why? Because you always get top quality with awesome support.

Angel Corman

Graphic Designer/Video Maker

Cham Altatis practices what he preaches, and not only he knows from experience what works, but he also gets to avoid all fluff and useless information, keeping you focused on what you really need to know in order to make the training work! 

Niranjan Pradhan

Video Marketer

I have been following Cham's training courses since he first launched the Cinemagraph training that actually told the marketing community about it's existence. He makes concepts simple and fun to learn and I am a big believer in the products he puts out there. 

So how much is Course Genesis with ThriveMeet?

First, let's see the value of the things you'll get inside...

  • Course Genesis Challenge (Valued at $497)
  • ThriveMeet App (Valued at $297) 
  • Social Video Ads (Valued at $497)
  • Vidtasia (Valued at $497)
  • Vlogr (Valued at $197)

If you do the Math, the total value of everything you can get is $1985. That means if I charge $497 for all these, it's still a good deal!

But I'm not charging that amount. It's not even half of that.

For a limited time, I'm opening a special opening for ONLY $97 today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I don't like unhappy money and unsatisfied members. If this is not the best online creation and launching training you've ever taken, if you did not learn anything, or for any other reason whatsoever, within 30 days, just contact me and I'll give you an immediate full refund, with NO questions asked.

Don’t wait! Look at what a past student have to say about this course

Teeface Oba Ara

Video Designer |

Cham has really exposed what the so-called gurus are hiding from you!

I am yet to finish the modules but so far it's pure value at its best you will ever get!
Honestly, the way Cham has simplified how to easily reach financial goals with achievable calculated numbers is really priceless and eye opener! From audience research, coming up with in-demand course topics, creating killer course content, to ALL the necessary steps required successfully launch a product online.

If you've never created an online course before and planning to in the future, this is definitely a master piece you need to grab for your quick success. Period!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program newbie friendly?

I don't have much time, capital, and resources. Will this work for me?

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Can you help me when I'm stuck?

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To your success

My goal is to share to you everything I learned and experience in creating and launching online courses for almost 5 years. I really hope that you will become even more successful than me in doing this.