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Design Your Video Funnel

Video funnel? Yes, and you need to design the sales process and the customers' journey from becoming aware, interested, until finally buying. In each of the process, the kind of video you will create will be different. The funnel also depends on your niche and business. This is one of the foundations of video marketing you need to learn, before even creating your videos.

Theories & Tools

Again, this is not a filmmaking course and we will not dive deep into all the technical aspects of video production and such. Rather, I'm just going to discuss the necessary theories you need to learn, then I'll show the minimum gears and software you need for creating marketing videos.

Explainer Video Creation

...or sales video. This is your "money" video so yeah, it's the most important video in your funnel. It is also the "deepest" video in the funnel, which is responsible for selling your product or service. We will learn the entire process from researching, writing a script, choosing a video style (live action, animated, or screencapture, or hybrid), shooting, editing, and all that good stuff.


Webinar is a proven way to warm up your cold audience and then convert them to buyers. However, it's also one of the hardest things to do, not just because of the content delivery, but also because of the technical matters involve. That's why in this module, I wanna show everything you need to run webinars smoothly.

Video Series

Video series is oldies but still goodies. It's great specially for high end offers out there. It's a great way to build up momentum with your audience and give them time to see how great your offer is until they finally decide to buy.

Video Ad

Video ad is the fastest way to make people aware of your offer, with the goal of making them your customers. But this is tricky because you should not be so salesy here. In fact, most of the things you learned in the past are no longer working today. Here, you will learn the best way to do this for your video ads to be effective.


While ads is the best way to get audience fast, vlogging is the one that gives you evergreen results. Here, you can learn how to setup a successful vlogs for your business, and get results in the long run. 

Live, Conferencing, & Meeting

The new normal changed a lot of things and one of them is by making live video, video conferencing, and video meetings the norm. But what's the best way to do this for your business? In this module, we're going to learn them all.

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