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[Ep. 45] Facebook 3D Photo

Before we begin, I want you do take a look at the following 3D photo I posted on my page…Cool, right? That’s a relatively new thing you can now post on Facebook. And previously, it was only available on iPhone 7 plus and later. Thankfully, you can now create something like that directly from your desktop.  But […]

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[Ep. 44] The NEXT Level

It’s already the 3rd month of the year, and it’s about time to get back to the goal we set for this year. So how are you going so far? Or did you forget about the goal you set? Whatever it is, you have to start dreaming BIGGER and go the next level this year. You see, there […]

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ChatterPal Review – Is It for You?

ChatterPal is a platform that combines talking head and chatbot as one. It includes a lot of features that make your landing page more exciting and engaging. But while it looks awesome, you still need to consider if this is for you or not. Watch the following video to see my full review and demo of this app… […]

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[Ep. 42] Affiliate Video Review Creation

Doing affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn online. And creating video reviews is the best way to gain engagements and cause your viewers to take action. However, it’s not just any video reviews.There’s a proper way on how to structure your video review so it can work for you for long term. Watch today’s […]

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[Ep. 41] The BEST Software for Editing Marketing Videos

I’ve been asked a lot on what’s really the best video editing software for editing marketing videos. I know there’s a ton of video creation apps released during the last few years so I understand it’s getting confusing on what’s the best solution really. That’s why in today’s episode, I wanna shed some light… CHECKOUT VIDTASIA 2.0!

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[Ep. 40] How to Create Interactive Local Videos

Interactivity is the future of videos, and so far, almost no one is offering it as a service to local business owners. Today, you have the chance to be the first one to be the “Interactive Video Rockstar” in your area. Or if you have a local business yourself, you can create interactive videos for your own […]

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Ep. 39 – Why Use Cartoon Marketing Videos

While I’m a big promoter of real live action videos, I can’t deny the fact that cartoon videos have their place in video marketing. In fact, lots of case studies show that they are very effective. And that’s because of various reasons. I discussed them in the following video (I had some fun here and I hope you’ll […]

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Ep. 38 – The Use of AUDIO in VIDEO

When we talk about AUDIO, it seems that it’s not that important in video creation. Truth is, it is as important as the visuals in the video. No matter how good your shots and animations are, if your audio quality is terrible and your choice of background music is wrong, your video will still fail. That’s why you […]

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