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[Ep. 54] Reaction to VidScratch

You’re familiar with reaction videos on Youtube, right? Let’s apply that as well in video marketing. In today’s episode, I reacted to VidScratch, a brand new video gamification technology, which adds some fun to lead generation… Here’s the complete demo of VidScratch… Here’s an example of a card game made from VidScratch… CHECKOUT VIDSCRATCHI! Grab to VidScratch […]

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[Ep. 51] Vlogging for Business

You probably watched vlogs already but don’t think of doing something like that for your business. I get it. We normally think that vlogs are just for Youtubers or kids out there who just want to show whatever they are doing online. Actually, vlogging is great for business too. In fact, I can even say it’s the […]

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[Ep. 49] Community Platform for Entrepreneurs

In today’s episode, I showed this unique and really HUGE community platform for entrepreneurs, built by Daven Michaels, a New York Times best selling author and a self-made millionaire. This is a great opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs. Watch the following video to see how it works… ​JOIN VEA FOR FREE! Here’s another walkthrough demo […]

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