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Ep. 6 – NEW Social Proof Conversion Strategy

I’m currently setting up my sales pages for our upcoming launch StopMotionXpress and I’m changing the way social proof is done.Thankfully, I found a tool that allows me to do what I just wanted. In today’s episode, I talked about this… Things mentioned in the video:ConvertproofStopMotionXpress Monthly Club Private Deal Get Notified When A NEW […]

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Ep. 4 – The Power of SHORT VIDEOS

Video marketing is keep on evolving and so today, I wanna talk about something that is trending when it comes to social videos. And that is – the use of SHORT VIDEOS and why they are powerful! But how short are these short videos? How do they look like? Well, watch today’s episode and you’ll find out… Click […]

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Ep. 3 – The RIGHT Business Mindset

Mindset… mindset… you probably heard about this a million times already but please continue and watch this episode where I discussed about this from an experience’ perspective. I’m not here to just tell you about empty words such as “you can do it” and “just believe in yourself” kind of things. Rather, I’m here to expose the […]

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