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Ep. 38 – The Use of AUDIO in VIDEO

When we talk about AUDIO, it seems that it’s not that important in video creation. Truth is, it is as important as the visuals in the video. No matter how good your shots and animations are, if your audio quality is terrible and your choice of background music is wrong, your video will still fail. That’s why you […]

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Wanna earn MORE while doing LESS? Yup, I know that’s kinda contrary because we were taught in school to work hard to get better results. But what if I tell you that you can actually get more results by doing less? That’s happening to me every time – thanks to AUTOMATION. Through automation, you can set things up beforehand […]

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Ep. 35 – 3D in Flat 2.0

I’ve been talking about flat 2.0 design in my previous vlogs and now, I wanna show you the role of 3D in it. It’s true that flat is great as a dominant part of our digital designs nowadays. But adding 3D elements to emphasize a certain object is great to achieve more of the flat 2.0 concept. Watch […]

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