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The Most SOLID Source of Video Traffic…

When you hear the phrase “video traffic,” you’re probably thinking of things like video SEO and video ads. And you’re right, those are proven and great sources of traffic for your videos. But actually, they are NOT the most solid source of video traffic. Rather, the best ones are your leads – I mean those who are in […]

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My HONEST Playpix Review

In my Ep. 41 vlog, I mentioned Camtasia as my recommended video creation app for marketers. And one of the reasons is the presence of a timeline – a very important thing that’s lacking in almost all video creation tools developed by marketers who know nothing about editing videos. So when I saw Playpix, I got interested […]

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IG/FB Stories – WHY Should You Care

Things are always advancing in technology, social media, and video marketing and we always have to catch up to increase our reach. One new trendy thing these days is the Instagram and Facebook stories. But if stories are just for short selfie video clips or personal slides before, it’s no longer the case today. Companies are starting to […]

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Create Social Videos for 2019 & Beyond…

There has been changes in videos that work for social media places lately. Some years ago, it’s about creating 16:9 HD videos for Youtube and web pages. While those types of videos are still working today, you also have to create videos for Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. You can no longer ignore Facebook and Instagram because you […]

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Is Ebook Dead?

Is it? Actually, NO… While ebooks, are somewhat “antique” when it comes to internet, they are still very useful. I’m a video guy and I love to use videos most of the time, but I can’t deny the fact that ebooks still have their place. So if you ask me, it’s a great idea to still combine the use […]

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Viddyoze 3.0 Review

In my Ep. 21 vlog, I mention Viddyoze as my most recommended secondary video creation app. But what I showed there was my review of the 2.0 version. And now they’re releasing version 3.0, which is according to them, is their final version. So today, let me show you my own review of this Viddyoze 3.0… Checkout Viddyoze […]

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