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Cham Altatis is a video guy who jumped into the internet marketing world. He is currently teaching small business owners from around the world on how to promote their products and services online through videos.

Ep. 35 – 3D in Flat 2.0

I’ve been talking about flat 2.0 design in my previous vlogs and now, I wanna show you the role of 3D in it. It’s true that flat is great as a dominant part of our digital designs nowadays. But adding 3D elements to emphasize a certain object is great to achieve more of the flat 2.0 concept. Watch […]

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Ep. 34 – Youtube Video Autoplay & Embed CHANGES

As you may already know, autoplayed videos are now muted by Chrome and Safari and viewers have to click on the video to hear the audio. If you think that’s frustrating, this is not all. On September 25, Youtube is forcing your channel avatar and video title to appear when they are embedded on a site. Here are […]

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Ep. 32 – How I Got My First Break Online

You might be wondering how a professional video creator like me shifted to internet marketing. Well, I was already doing good in the video world but something happened that caused me to go online and kinda gave up my previous career. And I can tell you that it’s so much better this time! Watch the following video to […]

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Ep. 31 – Flat Animation Solutions

In my previous episodes, I’ve been talking about Flat 2.0 and visualizing abstract concepts. Although I already mentioned AnimatedFlat2.0 as a great collection you can use to create flat animated videos, you might still wanna learn more solutions for this. I’m glad to see some who got AnimatedFlat2.0 already, but it might be that it’s not for […]

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AnimationStudio Review

AnimationStudio is a new app that you can use to create flat animated videos, even if you’re not a professional animator. It works like Powtoon and GoAnimated, without the hefty monthly fee. But is it something you can consider? Watch my full review to learn more… CHECKOUT ANIMATIONSTUDIO! Get AnimationStudio from this Page and Have the Following EXCLUSIVE […]

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Ep. 30 – Visualizing Abstract Concepts

If you create videos, there will situations when you need to visualize abstract concepts. These are things that has no physical appearance such as emotions, processes, digital concepts, ideas, etc. But your video should show something when these things are mentioned. Of course you can simply tell them in a talking head video or just flash a text […]

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Ep. 29 – Flat 2.0: The Modern Design Standard

Like technology, the design trend is ever-changing and we also need to adapt to it. No matter how great your design is, if it’s already obsolete, it can hurt your conversion. And today, the modern design trend specially for web design is Flat 2.0. This is an improved version of the modern sleek flat design that became the […]

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Get MORE Clients… GROW Your Video Agency

It’s exciting to start as a freelancer or an agency, providing video creation services. You probably got your tools and portfolio ready and all that. But the next struggle is on how to get clients who will hire you and checkout your services. Well, as someone who’s been doing this for quite some time, let me give you […]

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