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2019 Year-end Review

It’s this time again wherein we have to say goodbye to this year and welcome another year. And before the new year 2020 comes, I just wanna share my 2019 internet and video marketing. By the way, I first planned to do this in a video, but we’re still in a vacation mode and my daughter is […]

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[Ep. 58] – What Lies Ahead?

I’m now focusing on doing 3 things here in my site – services, video marketing, online course creation. And to be able to help you well and give you the best experience possible with what I do, let me share to you the updates I’m now doing in my site…Build My AgencyProviding services is nothing new […]

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[Ep. 54] Reaction to VidScratch

You’re familiar with reaction videos on Youtube, right? Let’s apply that as well in video marketing. In today’s episode, I reacted to VidScratch, a brand new video gamification technology, which adds some fun to lead generation… Here’s the complete demo of VidScratch… Here’s an example of a card game made from VidScratch… CHECKOUT VIDSCRATCHI! Grab to VidScratch […]

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