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Create Stunning Videos Using Powerpoint

I already discussed before that when it comes to creating primary videos, Camtasia is most recommended (hence Vidtasia). But when it comes to secondary videos such as video teasers, intro videos, social videos, etc., you can consider other secondary apps. And if you don’t like to get another yet app, why not use what you already have? […]

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[Ep. 44] The NEXT Level

It’s already the 3rd month of the year, and it’s about time to get back to the goal we set for this year. So how are you going so far? Or did you forget about the goal you set? Whatever it is, you have to start dreaming BIGGER and go the next level this year. You see, there […]

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ChatterPal Review – Is It for You?

ChatterPal is a platform that combines talking head and chatbot as one. It includes a lot of features that make your landing page more exciting and engaging. But while it looks awesome, you still need to consider if this is for you or not. Watch the following video to see my full review and demo of this app… […]

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[Ep. 42] Affiliate Video Review Creation

Doing affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn online. And creating video reviews is the best way to gain engagements and cause your viewers to take action. However, it’s not just any video reviews.There’s a proper way on how to structure your video review so it can work for you for long term. Watch today’s […]

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The Most SOLID Source of Video Traffic…

When you hear the phrase “video traffic,” you’re probably thinking of things like video SEO and video ads. And you’re right, those are proven and great sources of traffic for your videos. But actually, they are NOT the most solid source of video traffic. Rather, the best ones are your leads – I mean those who are in […]

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UpVid – Your One Stop Shop for Video Stocks & Templates

There has been requests for additional stocks and templates from you guys and this is now my answer. Also, I wanted to put all my template clubs in a single place and just maintain one members area. That’s why I revived UpVid, and have long term plans for it. As my previous customers and subscribers, I always wanted […]

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My HONEST Playpix Review

In my Ep. 41 vlog, I mentioned Camtasia as my recommended video creation app for marketers. And one of the reasons is the presence of a timeline – a very important thing that’s lacking in almost all video creation tools developed by marketers who know nothing about editing videos. So when I saw Playpix, I got interested […]

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